Entertainment Solutions

MP3 Collection Manager/Player
Atunes is my choice. Tried many programs and none have all it's features.
Windows media player actually deleted many of my own recordings, (which can't be replaced)
I'm PO'd

Turn your $2000 laptop into a 12 dollar alarm clock

Time Wasters

Clickomania Next Generation http://www.clickomania.ch/click/
Clickomania Classic

Time. One of the features that a lot of people seem to love in Windows Vista is the sidebarís analog clock. Pre-Vista users are not left out in the cold.  The ClocX desktop clock works similarly. The clock really looks good, especially if you choose a nice looking theme: http://www.clocx.net/

Have a personal webpage and want a WEBCAM ?

YAWCAM can upload a snapshot image at set intervals 24/7 or during times you select.
Or run the "Server" right on your computer, no webpage needed. Still images or streaming.

Need a "Live" webcam. But don't have the "technical know-how" to get Yawcam operational. Here's one service I have used, after trying out many, is camstreams Easy setup.

Other sites offering free streaming services are Justintv and ustream