Now that the three steps are complete

Your computer should have regained a lot of speed.
It should turn on quicker, Start programs quicker.
It is now protected from all the nastiness that inhabit the Internet. You know, viruses.

There is one more thing that I have seen in many computers.
Many are sold with the Bare Minimum RAM required to operate.
All of these computers are almost always capable of using more RAM.

if you want to further improve your computers operation, more RAM may be the answer.

Installing additional RAM is easy enough for just about anyone to do.
To see if your computer can use more RAM, the easiest procedure is to go to There you will see a button to use their automatic tool called
the Crucial Scanner. Run it, sit back and it will check your system for installed RAM
and if it is capable of additional RAM. An Internet browser window will open to show you the installed RAM, and what your computer is capable of using. If the installed RAM is not the maximum your machine can utilize, It will show you multiple choices of RAM to purchase. Sometimes, just doubling what's installed is enough, other times it's beneficial to get the maximum. It depends on what you do with your computer. and what you want to spend.

I've done this on all my computers, and others.

Good quality RAM, I've never had a problem with RAM purchased from CRUCIAL

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