Pictures and such.

You do NOT need to install any of the software included with most any camera today.
Windows can, and will, start the included "Camera Wizard" to transfer your pictures to your computer every time you plug your camera, or camera card, into your computer.

Many cameras come with un-needed software that also includes a way of sharing your pictures on their service. Not necessary and usually used to solicit email addresses to send promotions to. I hate sites where one has to be a registered member to view someone's pictures for that alone.

If you are happy with a site like this, but would like to share pictures with someone who may not want to be a registered member, See if you can mark your collection as PUBLIC. That way I, or anyone else, doesn't have to register and become a "Friend" to see them. You know we are "Friends" I shouldn't need to confirm that on the internet.

I don't like the fact that most of these sites, if you send someone a link to your pictures, with their on page "send to" or whatever button, also includes a BUG. A small file used by the site to attempt to track the recipients response to said email. These bugs also track who's "friends" with who else, without these friends knowing each other.

Facebook an Myspace are fine for "Social Networking" It's not that great for picture sharing.

There are sites where you can have Public, and private galleries, and all you have to do is send a link to it, and include the private gallery password used to view it in an email to whoever you want to be able to view it. This is not your password to your account, just a password to view this .

For picture sharing I prefer Picasa, Flickr or Photobucket.
Designed from the start for the purpose.

If you have your own personal website you can't beat Irfanview for creating your gallery pages.

For recorded video, my choice is Youtube
Check making your collections, or specific posts public or private and how to share them.

For other file sharing. 10 file-sharing options:

If you have a video you'd like to have play on your phone, Convert your video into a format your phone will play, or vice - versa. - Format Factory - Works with just about any media format.