Red River of the North 2010 flood pictures and videos


U.S. Geological Survey in ND

I-94, GF - Fargo

Also on the interstate from Grand Forks to Fargo, ND ,

A view from the top level of the County Building Parking Ramp in downtown Grand Forks, ND. Major Flood stage is 46 feet, which the river reached this day, and still rising as of Sunday, March 21.

This one's for you Mom

2010 Fargo-Moorhead Flood Updates

Here's some Canadian checking on the Red
I went to have a look at the Red River, the same one that flooded Grand Forks in 1997,
lots of water on the way.
This is that Canadian that measured the train bridge,
lets see if he goes on it during the flood.

Yep March 31, 2010  went back to the same train bridge to check on the rising Red


NDSU 2010 photos


GF Pictures - Flood fight 2010

GF Herald photo galleries

MN National Guard

Grand Forks (and surrounding area) Flood 2010

This makes me think of the crazy Irish guy from Braveheart.
"Its MY island!".
John's gallery
Thanks John
They were taken on Memorial Bridge, Fargo, by Samantha
2010 Red River Flood
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usace-mvp-pao's photostream
ARC 2010 Red River Flooding

NASA image of RRV north of Fargo (2010)

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