Window 1 : The Window of Creation recalls the hand of God creating Adam, the Sun and the Stars.

Window 2 : The Window of the "Fall of Man" depicts the Angel guarding the Garden of Paradise. We can see Adam and Eve being cast out of the Garden. We see the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the serpent at the lower section of the window.

Window 3 : The Window of promise depicts Abraham and his willingness to offer his son, Isaac. The hand of God tells him that God does not want this human sacrifice. The figure in the middle is Melchizedek, the Old Testament Priest and King of Salem, who offered bread and wine in sacrifice to the one true God. The figure in the lowest section of the window is Noah - the Ark, Rainbow of the Covenant and the Bird with the twig indicating the end of the flood and the receding of the waters.

Window 4 : The Window of the covenant depicts Moses of the Commandments and the Burning Bush. The bottom section depicts King David. The Harp indicates his instrument in writing the Psalms. The Stars indicate the covenanted promise that God made with him.

Window 5: The Window of the Annunciation depicts the Angel Gabriel, the Holy Spirit and Mary who said "yes" to God.

Window 6 : The Window of the Birth of Christ depicts the Angel, the Mother and Child, Joseph and the Shepherds, and the Three Kings on the lower section of the window.

Window 7 : The Window of the Sacraments depicts four of the Sacraments of the Church - Baptism with water, Annointing of the Sick with vases of oil, Penance with palm branch and the Sacrament of Marriage.


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