Emco Maier Compact-5 Bench Lathe with

Milling/Drilling attachment.

This web page is a draft which is under construction and was cut and pasted from an eBay ad in which I sold my first Compact 5. If it reads like an ad, I appologize. I'll get to fixing it up on of these days.

My Austrian-made Compact -5 with the optional integrated Milling/Drilling head is the big brother the Emco Maier's famous UNiMAT products, bringing tremendous versatility in a small footprint on your bench or stand.

These pictures are of a unit whichwas my personal small lathe. With great reluctance, I thought it had to go to make room for my new personal 11" lathe and mill. I missed it so much, I bought ANOTHER ONE just like it. I really recommend the Compact 5 as a small sized bench lathe. It has performed every task I've put before it!

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Head-On view of Compact 5 Lathe/Mill

The Compact-5 has the POWER and ACCURACY that many small lathe and milling machines lack, but retains the finesse and portability sought my many hobbyists and model makers.

The Compact 5 is a quality product which clearly shows classic European craftsmanship. It is still in production, but I'm not sure they are still made in Austria. THIS ONE WAS! One of the things I like most about the Compact 5 is the complete set of optional accessories and tooling that make it so versitile. Since I first started using one, I have collected ALL the optional accessories. Some I use more than others, but now have go unused.

This Lathe and Mill is a nice upgrade from UNiMAT and Sherline sized equipment, especially for working with ferrous metals.

Lathe Specs.

Inch (English) version, 5.12" swing over bed, 13.78 between centers. 500 watt 115 v motor, 6 speeds, sealed headstock bearings. Morse Taper #2 headstock & #1 tailstock. Weight with Topslide and powerfeed 62 lbs. (This is NO toy, but it IS a manageable bench lathe.

Threading: 8, 16,20, 24, 32, 48 tpi can be cut with standard gears included with inch-version power feed. Eleven metric and thirteen inch pitches can be cut with the optional change gear set available for less than $90.00 at this writing. This makes the Compact 5 a better value since threading accessories on some small lathes like the Unimats are very expensive.

Milling/Drilling Accessory Specs.

3 spindle speeds, head can be turned and swiveled 360 deg, , 200 watt/115 v motor., Quill Stroke 1.2", Approximate weight 20 lbs.. A variety of optional accessories and cutters are available.

All Original Standard Accessories Included (see picture below):

Lathe Dog , Drive Plate (called the Lathe Dog Guard by Emco), MT#1 & MT#2 dead-centers, Tool Holder, Wrench Set, & Manual.

Some of the optional accessories I have are pictured below):

  Item Description

 EMCO Part Number

3-Jaw Chuck & Key


Automatic (Power ) Feed Mechanism


Top Slide (Compound Slide)


Live Center (MT#1


Dividing Attachment/Indexing Head


Jacobs Drill Chuck & key


Tailstock Arbor (MT#1)for Drill Chuck



More Pictures .

The Milling Head Mounting Post is NOT leaning.
It's my poor photographic technique!

Lathe Headstock Close Up

Topslide and Tailstock with Live Center Close Up

Milling/Drilling Head Close Up

Accessories Including the Indexing Head


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