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A few years back a neighbor named Terry dropped off an envelope to us at the Thirst.  Inside were pictures of the Thirst building from the 40's, 50's, and 60's.  Thank you Terry.

Glenn's Blue Keg

Envelope that old pics were given to us in.

Back of envelope

October 1959
Glenn's Blue Keg

August 28th 1948
Glenn's Blue Keg

March 16 1943
Inside Glenn's Blue Keg

August 1948 - 40 years before becoming The Thirst
Glenn's Blue Keg

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On the envelope it said . . .

My Grandparents owned "Glenn"s Blue Keg" from 1939 to about 1960. Glenn purchased the tavern from a somewhat corrupt police official. the cop was later arrested/convicted of racketering. Glenn was OK, but the cop was a gangster of some fame, for the time. Glenn's claim to fame was his famous"Coney Islands". The Blue Keg and Nick's Coneys on Hawthorne were popular  eaterys of the day.  The center food area had wooden kegs for stools. Sunays was Grandma Lucille's food kitchen. She opened the kitchen to local patrons "down on their luck" They lived 5 houses down on flanders.  As a child, I would play tag around the center barells. The second drawer down under the cash register was known as the "candy spot"  When my twin sister and I would come to visit it would be the first place we would go. The basement was known as "the Dungeon". Quite a scary place for a child.
 The Blue Keg was a family operated business my father Delos tended bar here for many years. My mother Jackie cooked and waited tables. The kitchen was on the South wall. The NE corner was the "locals" booth. It had a small table with several kegs scattered about.