What is the latest released Version of PCBto3D™?

PCBto3DVersion 6.6.17 is now available. Supports Solid Edge ST9.
Version 6.6.17 has new features including enhanced error checking on IDF input filtering options and improved compatibility

(see Product Update)

Does PCBto3D™ support PADS ASCII software?

PADS ASCII is not supported, PADS users are encouraged to upgrade to the IDF interface option available from Mentor.

How do I import a PCB Layout to Solid Edge

Starting with your board as designed using your PCB layout software; PCBto3D™ automatically creates a Solid Edge solid model assembly of the board and components. Once the board design is in Solid Edge you can use it like any other Solid Edge assembly and incorporate it as a subassembly into your mechanical designs. 

Does PCBto3D™ require extensive training to master?

No, PCBto3D™ uses a simple Wizard interface that guides the user through the IDF import procedure:

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latest version or questions regarding evaluation versions.

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