Vintage Outboards

Paradise Boat Works operated for many years out of the home basement shop of Timothy Calmes of Perry, New York. Tim and Toy Storage Inc. acquired The Old Robeson Plant in Castile NY in 2010. The property, which was in the hands of the NYS Department of Enviormental Conservation was put back on the Tax Rolls after many years sitting idle. The Robeson Plant once employed hundreds of people in this small Western New York Village making Coffee Makers and other Small Appliances. Without Tim Calmes’ effort the building would most likely have continued to deteriorate to a point beyond repair. The old building is gradually coming back to life. During the Boating Season there is much activity around this Old Manufacturing Landmark. Part of the building has been developed into a shop to do what Tim does best - restore vintage outboard motors.

Tim has many years experience in outboard repair. His focus is on Mercury outboards, but he has the ability, tools, and often the right parts (or access to them) to work on vintage outboards of any manufacture.

Tim's interest in Mercury outboards has led him over the years to buy out old marina parts stores and specifically Mercury service shops. As a result, he owns a significant inventory of OEM and aftermarket parts for Mercury outboards, including Mercury-specific tools and manuals. Also, Tim is a member of the Antique Outboard Motor Club, an international organization with a local chapter that he is very active in.

About Paradise Boat Works

Toy Storage Inc.

Paradise Boat Works is fortunate to have a partner in ownership of theft building. The storage space in the building is operated under a separate company, Toy Storage Inc. (TSI), and offers secure all-season storage in a centralized western New York location. Conveniently, Tim Calmes is President and co-owner of TSI. They can accommodate boats, cars, trailers, trucks, motor homes, and other large items. Feel free to give Tim a call or stop by.

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