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Richard Thompson is a native Oregonian. His keen interest in industrial history comes honestly.  His family first settled in Linn County, Oregon in the 1880ís, where his grandfather operated the landmark Thompsonís Flouring Mills.  Thompsonís lifelong interest in streetcars began as a small boy, when his grandmother took him for rides on Portland's last streetcar, the Oregon City line.


A graduate of the University of Oregon, Thompson has been Crew Coordinator  for Vintage Trolley, Inc., since they first began operating reproduction streetcars through downtown Portland in 1991.  Now a rail historian, writer and consultant, Thompson has worked as a historical museum director, school librarian, archivist, educational technologist and archaeological field worker.


For nearly 20 years Richard was an active volunteer for The Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society, operating trolleys at their Trolley Park in Glenwood, Oregon, as well as editing the newsletter and serving on the board of directors.  He is also a past president of the Portland Chapter of the Victorian Society in America.


When not doing historical research, Thompson enjoys foreign travel, visiting national parks, and reading and watching classical English mysteries.


He hopes that his writing and research will both bring back fond memories and spark an interest in local railway history for a younger generation.


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