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Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society
The Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society maintains a site with museum information, schedules, and Northwest traction history.
Tri-Met's Vintage Trolley Page
Tri-Met's website includes pages devoted to Vintage Trolley operation as well as a historical chronology.
Portland Streetcar
The Portland Streetcar website offers information on modern streetcar operation in the Rose City.
Dave's Electric Rys
Dave's Electric Railways fan site includes historic photos of streetcars and interurbans in the state of Oregon.
Gomaco Trolley Co.
Gomaco Trolley Company  manufactured the four reproduction Brill semi-convertible trolleys now operated by Vintage Trolley, Inc. in Portland.
PDX History

PDX History, maintained by dedicated history enthusiast and postcard collector Mark Moore, includes pictures and information on Portland's streetcars and inteurbans.
Market St. Ry.
Market Street Railway has a good list of trolley links and resources.
Railway Preservation Resources
Railway Preservation Resources provides an overview of both vintage trolley and modern streetcar operations throughout the US.
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