From the Portland Streetcar Central Loop supplement to The Portland Tribune, September 20, 2012

(coincided with opening of the exhibit "Streetcars Build a City")

We Were a Streetcar City

From The Oregonian, February 24, 2011
(review of documentary "Streetcar City")

Past to Present on Rails

From The Sunday Oregonian, November 14, 2010:

Portrait of Portland's
        streetcars is on track

From the Marion County Historical Society Newsletter June, 2008:

Marion County Hist. Soc.

From Railfan & Railroad April, 2008:

Railfan & Railroad
        magazine review

  From O Scale Trains Writer's Blog January 26, 2008:

  O Scale Trains

From Railfan & Railroad August, 2006:

Railroad & Railfan

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