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Welcome to the

Great Planes / Wings Database

Disclaimer: the following information is given based upon the best of my knowledge. There are no guarantees the information is either true, accurate, or all-inclusive.

Originally called Great Planes, the Wings series initially aired Wednesdays and Saturdays on the Discovery Channel in the U.S. from 9-10 p.m. Eastern beginning in 1988 and into the early 1990s.

When it first aired in America, the majority of episodes were narrated by the series' Australian writer and director, Luke Swann, with some others written and narrated by John Honey and Phil Chugg.

In the early 1990s (notably following the first Gulf War), episodes were re-edited to include interviews with pilots of the profiled aircraft types before and following commercial breaks, and the narration was re-dubbed with American narrators Ron David and Tom Hair. This began Weekday Wings, a Monday-Friday airing of shows.


Great Planes came to life as a product of Aviation Video International in Australia. The original Great Planes episodes were approximately 56 minutes long. When the Discovery Channel adopted them for its new series, the episodes were edited down to ~42 minutes in order to fit the one hour time slot with commercials.. This was the beginning of what would eventually become Wings.

Some time after the original run of Great Planes on the Discovery Channel, Time-Life distributed 19 of the episodes on VHS, in their original runtime, under the name Great Fighting Jets. Any episodes below that play over 50 minutes are very likely the original pre-Discovery Channel Great Planes episodes and/or the Great Fighting Jets version.

    * Boeing 707
    * Boeing 747
    * Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
    * Boeing B-29 Superfortress
    * Boeing B-52 Stratofortress
    * British Aerospace AV-8 Harrier
    * Consolidated B-24 Liberator
    * Consolidated PBY Catalina
    * Convair B-36 Peacemaker
    * Douglas A-1 Skyraider
    * Douglas A-4 Skyhawk
    * Douglas A-26 Invader
    * Douglas C-47 Dakota
    * General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon
    * General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark
    * Grumman F-14 Tomcat
    * Grumman F4F Wildcat/F6F Hellcat
    * Lockheed C-130 Hercules
    * Lockheed Constellation
    * Lockheed F-104 Starfighter
    * Lockheed P-38 Lightning
    * Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird     
    * Martin B-26 Marauder
    * Martin B-57 Canberra
    * McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II
    * McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle     
    * McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
    * North American B-25 Mitchell
    * North American F-86 Sabre
    * North American F-100 Super Sabre
    * North American P-51 Mustang
    * North American XB-70 Valkyrie
    * Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter
    * Republic F-84 Thunderjet
    * Republic F-105 Thunderchief
    * Republic P-47 Thunderbolt
    * Rockwell B-1 Lancer
    * Vought A-7 Corsair II     
    * Vought F4U Corsair


Wings.   Once Great Planes had run its course, and it having been a success, Discovery channel began to show other military aviation videos from various sources to fill the time slot. It was during this period when the show changed names from Great Planes to Wings.

As with Great Planes, many of these programs were close to an hour long, and were edited down to fill the one-hour time slot. The episodes below that play over 50 minutes are very likely the original pre-Discovery Channel episodes.

    * Aircraft 
    * Air Combat Today 
    * Air War in Vietnam 
    * Chopper Wars
    * Combat Aircraft of the Future   
    * Combat Choppers / Wings Over the Sea   
    * Dogfight / Fight for the Sky   
    * Falcon Domain   
    * Modern Combat Aircraft 3: F-4 Phantom II   
    * Modern Fighters
    * Modern Missiles   
    * NATO Combat Aircraft   
    * NATO Combat Helicopters   
    * Naval Combat Aircraft  
    * Panavia Tornado
    * Recon and Intelligence Aircraft   
    * Rubber Planes   
    * Soviet Air Power   
    * Stealth Technology   
    * The Catapult Planes   
    * The Flying Pancakes   
    * The Hovercraft   
    * The Jet Age   
    * The MiG Story   
    * The Pusher Planes   
    * The Wing Will Fly   
    * US Air Power 

Strange Planes was a series that focused on unusual aircraft types. It aired in 1990 and was narrated by Luke Swann.

    * Drones, Midgets and Mutations
    * Parasites
    * Eyes in the Sky         
    * Giants
    * Vertical
    * Strange Shapes           


Wings Over the Gulf  series profiled select aircraft types used by coalition forces during Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm. It aired in 1992 and was narrated by Will Lyman.

    * First Strike (F-15 / F-117)
    * In Harm's Way  (Tornado / A-6) 
    * The Final Assault  (F-16 / A-10)

A separate episode that aired around this time period was:

    * Nighthawk: Secrets of the Stealth


Wings of the Luftwaffe  was a series that focused on German aircraft of World War II. It aired in 1992 and was narrated by actor Alex Scott.

    * The Blitz
    * The Butcher Bird
    * The Destroyer
    * Fighter Attack
    * Gigant
    * Iron Annie
    * The Jet
    * The Komet
    * The Legend
    * The Schnell Bomber
    * Sea Wings
    * The Secret Bomber
    * The Stuka
    * V for Vengeance    


Wings of the Red Star was a series that focused on Soviet Air Force aircraft from World War II to the modern era. It aired in 1993 and was narrated by actor Sir Peter Ustinov. 

    * The Backfire Bomber
    * Duel over Korea
    * The Flying Tank
    * The Foxbat Deception
    * The Great Patriotic War
    * The Last Generation
    * The Nuclear Bear
    * The Phantom's Foe
    * Russian Giants
    * Soviet Rotors
    * Straight Up
    * Supersonic Transport
    * The Swing-Wing Solution


SeaWings was a series that focused on United States (except Falkland Surprise)  naval aircraft from World War II to the present day. It aired in 1995 and was narrated by Edward Easton.

    * Thunder from the Sea
    * Panther
    * Defender of the Fleet
    * The Avenger
    * The Hunter
    * The Scout
    * The Killer Bee
    * Vigilante
    * The Falkland Surprise
    * The Last Gunfighter
    * Wings of Mercy


Wings II is the nickname given to a newer generation of Wings episodes that began around 1996. These episodes, narrated by Stuart Culpepper, often had interviews with the aircrews and famed aviation historian/writer Jeff Ethell, the "Fighter Writer".

    * Hugging the Deck
    * Steel Rain
    * Whispering Death
    * Guardians of the Night
    * Harrier
    * Doomsday Mission
    * Instant Thunder
    * Eagles Over Lebanon
    * Flight of the Falcon
    * The Thud
    * Bear Trap
    * Flying Tank
    * Spy Planes
    * Landing Zone Vietnam
    * Flying Coffins
    * Red October
    * Top Guns
    * Wings Over Europe
          o Wings: Target Berlin (P-51)
          o Wings: Dresden Firestorm (B-17)
          o Wings: The Valiant Few (Spitfire)

    * Wings Over the Pacific
    * Wings Over Vietnam
          o Wings Over Vietnam: The Cavalry
          o Wings Over Vietnam: The Gunships


Discovery Wings Channel is launched on July 15, 1998.


Clash of Wings was a series which originally aired in 1999 as some of the initial original content in the launch of the new Discovery Wings channel. The episodes were narrated by historian Walter J. Boyne, author of Clash of Wings books.

    * The Bluff is Called
    * The Plunge Into Reality
    * Hitler's Biggest Gamble
    * Wings of the Rising Sun
    * The African Tutorial
    * Germany's Third and Last Chance
    * The Biggest Battleground
    * The Cost of Incompetence
    * Round the Clock Bombing
    * Air Superiority Lost and Won
    * True Air Power
    * The Fighters
    * The Bombers 


Wings Over Vietnam: The Missions aired in 2002 and was hosted by David Scott.

    * The FACs
    * Dust Off
    * Rolling Thunder
    * The Jolly Greens
    * Spookies, Spectres, and Shadows
    * MiG Killers
    * Wild Weasels
    * Linebacker II


Wings (post- yr 2000: I currently have no information on this history).

    * The Concorde Era
    * Vulcans, Victors, and Cuba
    * Wings of Gold      
    * Wings of Silver
    * Wings of Sweden    
    * Wings over Afghanistan 


Great Planes [New]

In 2008, Great Planes was revived in a modernized format and aired on the Military Channel for three seasons. It was hosted by fighter pilots Paul "Max" Moga and Terry Deitz.

    * A-1 Skyraider   
    * A-26 Invader
    * A-7 Corsair II
    * A-10 Thunderbolt II
    * AH-64 Apache
    * AV-8 Harrier
    * B-1 Lancer
    * B-17 Flying Fortress
    * B-25 Mitchell
    * B-29 Superfortress
    * B-52 Stratofortress
    * C-130 Hercules
    * CH-47 Chinook
    * F-4 Phantom II
    * F-5 Freedom Fighter
    * F-15 Eagle
    * F-16 Fighting Falcon
    * F/A-18 Hornet
    * F-84 Thunderjet
    * F-100 Super Sabre
    * F-104 Starfighter
    * F-105 Thunderchief
    * F-111 Aardvark
    * P-39 Airacobra
    * P-40 Warhawk
    * P-51 Mustang
    * PBY Catalina
    * SR-71 Blackbird
    * UH-1 Iroquois
    * XB-70 Valkyrie


The Great Planes, Strange Planes, Wings Over the Gulf, and Wings II episodes are now on my USN Raptor youtube channel. Once there, click on the Playlist for quick access.

For videos blocked in your country, a fan e-mailed me suggesting users should try viewing the videos through a Proxy website.

Feel free to contact me with request, ideas, questions, etc...

Great Planes Music  (includes music files from other sources as well)

*Note: Many songs in the Great Planes series have been identified. See the text file Great Planes songs.txt for this list. The song names can also be found in the video descriptions on the episodes posted on my Youtube channel. Many of the identified songs can be found on the internet, mostly at  Omni music , DeWolfe music , BMG music , APM music , and Youtube. Sorry, but I will NOT post the mp3 to songs that have been identified.

As to the unidentified Great Planes music, some of those songs can be found posted in the music link above. Those songs I get from the videos, then dice & splice them to make a (mostly) whole song. The names of the files are ones I gave to them. I am hoping to add more in the future (time & ambition permitting). If you know any of the unidentified songs, an e-mail would be greatly appreciated.

Latest Update    November 25, 2023: adjusted some narrative based on new information. Removed links to other peoples' podcast. I will not promote those who censor my comments.


July 16, 2023: Added the Wings (post- yr 2000) section. If anyone has a detailed history of Wings in the post-2000 years, please send to my e-mail. I quit paid cable service in April 2000, and have watched over-the-air (antenna) TV ever since. That's 279 months of no cable bills. Do the math: 279 months x $xx per month = $ xx total savings.

July 13, 2023: Added links to the Great Planes [New] episodes on the F/A-18 Hornet and P-40 Warhawk. New links are denoted with a bold red asterick ( * ).

April 24, 2023: The song list has been slightly modified. In that list, take note that some of the B-29 episode songs may have been misidentified (by Youtube). Likewise, B-29: Pacific 333 mentioned on the July 4th posting may not actually be in that episode (I haven't verified yet).  Also, if someone can identify the music played in the F-4 and F-15 Great Planes (original) episodes, I'd greatly appreciate knowing.

November 5, 2022: Miscellaneous has been renamed Wings. Several more links added thanks to Fehlende Flugel . New links will now be denoted with a bold red asterick ( * ).

November 4, 2022: Several links have been updated. A Disclaimer has been added to the top of the website. Additional information included about Great Fighting Jets. Great Planes F-14 and Panavia Tornado are now the original full-length episodes thanks to  Mike Guardia . Many Miscellaneous links are updated. Video Download Sites have been changed to those that are free. The pay sites have been removed.

September 02, 2022: Thanks to fan M.K., we now have a link for Strange Planes: "Eyes in the Sky." More proof this project is a team effort. Thanks!

July 4, 2022: Four more songs have been identified and located on Youtube: B-24: Factory Floor, B-29: Pacific 333, C-130: Forgotten Lands, and PBY Catalina: High Kicks, Hot Lips. These new songs are listed on songs.txt .

March 22, 2022: Finally, a link has been found for SeaWings: Vigilante. The video is provided by the youtube channel Aviation Footages Archives.

January 24, 2022: Found some new posts for Great Planes [New] episodes. Links are now available.

November 24, 2021: A link has been added to original Great Planes episode F-15 Eagle and the 2008 new Great Planes F-16 Fighting Falcon episode.

November 16, 2021: The Great Planes Music and songs.txt have been moved from an ftp folder to an http folder, and should work for everyone again. Some of the broken video links have been replaced. A link to the Fighter Pilot Podcast has been added, as well as two links to companies that make great American made products. I buy products from both companies (Gusset Jeans and Vermont Flannel) and receive no money from either company for the listings.

October 7, 2021: added links to a few episodes of Great Planes [New] that have been located. Also, DN9 Documentary channel link has been included in the side bar.

May 9, 2021: added a link to Tube Offline that allow users to download videos from websites such as Youtube. Warning: Tube Offline has NSFW / Adult-oriented material on it. Further, it has a nasty habit with pop-ups and other nefarious activity. However, it currently is the only site I am aware of that allows free video downloads. Vidpaw used to be free, and hassle free. But now, Vidpaw is a pay site.

December 7, 2020: First, thank you to all Pearl Harbor veterans, both living and passed. The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association sponsored Company 228, RTC San Diego in 1991.

Clash of Wings has been added. Episodes and given info is thanks to DocumentaryFR3AK .

Bad links were either taken down or replaced with good links. I no longer know of any good links for Great Planes [New].

VidPaw is a website one can go to, put in a Youtube video link, and download an .MP4 copy of the video.

August 15, 2020: A new links section has been added to the website. The links are mostly other people's youtube channels that contain various Wings and wings-like material.

A new youtube channel has been created by Steve A. in Texas named   Fehlende Flugel  meaning "Missing Wings." He is currently posting many episodes that appeared during the Wings timeslot, many of which would fall under the Miscellaneous section of this website.

July 22, 2020: Thanks to Steve A. in Texas, we now have Wings II Flight of the Falcon and SeaWings The Hunter.

May 25, 2020: Three more links added. Wings of the Red Star Straight Up located on the youtube channel Mike Guardia. Under Miscellaneous, Wings of Gold and Wings of Silver located on the youtube channel Warren Chu.

April 10, 2020: Thanks to Maurice D., we now have a link to AH-64 Guardians of the Night posted on Flyboys' youtube channel. Also just found is Wings of the Red Star Supersonic Transport located on the youtube channel Steve Military Videos.

October 5, 2019: AV-8 Superstar has been identified as Rock Mission by Wolfgang Muermann; therefore, it is removed from my website. The other two songs for the AV-8 episode are Movies by Wolfgang Muermann and Glacier Flight by Delle Haensch.

July 22, 2019: Many broken links replaced.

March 15, 2019: Added new section for the 2008 reboot of Great Planes.

March 1, 2019: Added BMG and APM music links. I found some of the missing songs from these locations, notably Stardrive and Exotica from the F-16 episode.

December 23, 2018: I have uploaded a few more unidentified songs. They are named F-105 Suave, F-105 Sorrow, F-15 Rockin' Eagle, F-15 Patients 1, F-4 Patients 2. F-104 Momentum 2 was removed, fixed up, and became F-4 Patients 2. Though they sound the same, Patients 1 & 2 are slightly different.

July 30, 2018: Four new unidentified songs are uploaded. I named them F-104 Momentum 2, F-104 Whale Song, P-47 Death, and P-47 Mellow Rock - Gun Run. If anyone can identify these songs, please contact me and I'll add them to the songs list.

June 12, 2018: Philippe in France has identified two more songs. Path Of Destruction 1 - Tim Souster for the A-1 episode and Remembrancer - Richard Allen Harvey for the C-130 episode.

May 10, 2018: Philippe in France has identified several songs for the following episodes: B-24, B-29, B-52, C-130, F-16, and F-111. "F-16 Rock" has been identified as "Brutus" by Gordon Giltrap Band. Therefore, "F-16 Rock" has been deleted. The Great Planes songs .txt file has been updated.

March 18, 2018: The song labeled "F-16 Excite" has been identified as "Ferrari" by Chris Evans-Ironside. It can be found on Youtube. Therefore, "F-16 Excite.mp3" has been deleted. The Great Planes songs .txt file has been updated. 

January 20, 2018: Links to Backfire Bomber, Soviet Rotors, and Russian Giants were added (thanks Phil Cipher). The Great Planes F-15 is now linked to my video; however, it is blocked in the United States. Though blocked world wide when I uploaded Great Planes SR-71, the video in the link above still appears to work.

December 6, 2017: All of the Great Planes episodes have been uploaded to my Youtube channel. Unfortunately, the SR-71 episode is blocked worldwide, and some of the other episodes are blocked in some countries (mainly New Zealand). On each video in the description, is the list of songs that Youtube has identified in the video. Further music info is listed in the Great Planes Music section above. As a backup, I will leave the original links to the videos listed above. If my channel should get shut down, at least those links will still be available.

November 30, 2017: Exciting new development. I discovered a way to identify some of the music in Great Planes. As I load the videos to Youtube, it sends me copyright claims on the video and the music. In doing so, it identifies the music. With that information, most of the music can be found on Youtube (minus the background jet noises). I will be posting this information once it is all gathered.   

November 30, 2017: Four new songs: AV-8 Superstar, F-14 Flight of Fancy, F-14 Sea Power, and XB-70 Symphony. Also, a new link for Great Planes British Aerospace AV-8 Harrier.

November 8, 2017: Cleaned up the link mess. Part 1s will no longer be marked. I give whole-video links priority on this page.

October 18, 2017: New links in the Wings II section for A-10 Steel Rain and F-15 Eagles Over Lebanon. These are whole clips instead of in parts.

October 10, 2017: If you want the episode Eyes in the Sky, then e-mail me and we can try to work out something.

August 29, 2017: New links for Wings - the Valiant Few, Whispering Death (AH-1), all Strange Planes episodes except for Eyes in the Sky (Youtube blocks this from loading). The old link for Eyes in the Sky was incorrect. That link is properly placed under Miscellaneous Programs - Recon and Intelligence Aircraft.

July 16, 2017: Wings - the Valiant Few is now loaded to Youtube. 

July 13, 2017: Added two more to the Miscellaneous Programs.

June 27, 2017: Added the Miscellaneous Programs and their links.

June 23, 2017: Added link to part 1 of Whispering Death (AH-1) and Strange Planes: Giants, Vertical, & Strange Shapes.  The program in the watermark at the beginning and end of the videos can be used to combine the video segments into one.




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