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click here to find out about the rotation system of Sunday school?

Just a few years ago we changed our Sunday school system for our children under the age of 12. We adopted the "Rotation Model" as outlined in the website www.rotation.org to fit our particular church setting. Our children study one lesson for a month using four methods of teaching. Those methods are Art, Computer Lab, Standard Teaching and Video.

The Sunday school classes we offer are: 

  • Rotation Model for ages 4 thru 12
  • 'Tween class for ages 12-15
  • Young Adult
  • Charisma class (Adult class)


Our Rotation Model allows us to have a fresh group of teachers each month that allows teachers to committ to teaching for a month and then return to a class of their choosing for their age group. Teachers for the 'Tween class and Adult classes are:

  • 'Tween Class- Changes Each Month
  • Young Adult Class- Pastor Tim Thomas
  • Chrisma Class (Adult Class)- Jim Lawrence, Cheryl Kempf, Don Mason

306 E. Fourth St. Warsaw, Ohio 43844 740-824-3173