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John and Sharon Kirch who operate the Open Door Pantry.

pictured are: Lori Cox, Pastor Tim and Linda Lorenz

The Bible tells us to in Mark 16:15  "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. ESV

That is just exactly what we are doing! Warsaw 1st Presbyterian Church is involved in mission work at home and around the world. Here at home we have linked arms in work and love with many other churches in the area to help the mission of the Open Door Pantry or otherwise known as the Nellie Pantry. Each month we feature an item for collection that the pantry cannot purchase through the Ohio Food Bank. We have featured items such as: Shampoo, Cleaning Items, Deoderant, Dish Washing Liquid and the like. Our children feature a can food drive during our Bible school week. It is a competition to see what team will pick the color of Pastor Tim's hair.

The children brush their teeth as part of their regular class.

One of the national missions we are serving is in two communities in the Corozol District of Belize, Central America. In the communities of San Narcisso and San Victor we have been working with the local schools to help them better serve their students. Projects that have been completed in 2009 and 2010 were the rewiring and installation of lights and fans in the San Narcisso school and new partitions built to accomodate a new Learning Disabled class, the first of its kind for this school.


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