Weatherby Rifles For Sale



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1.Weatherby drilling, game scene or schroll engraved, very rare, 98%-100% = E-Mail Me: Me:


2.Wby. custom mauser 257 wby. 24" owned by General Robert Scott, factory letter,4 # 11 inlays,MESQUITE wood, engraved floorplate with gold elk,,95% =$ E-Mail Me:


3.Wby. German left-hand 340 wm , 26" bbl, 98% , nice wood = $ E-Mail Me:


4.Wby. German rare EUROPA, 378 wby. claw scope mounts, 26" bbl.98% =$E-Mail Me:


5.Wby. 460 custom deluxe, Japan, GIFT FROM RUNNING BACK JOHN RIGGINS TO FRONT LINEMAN JOHN STARKE AFTER SUPER BOWL WIN[engaved such on gun]= $ E-Mail Me:


6.Wby. very rare, Sako action, just 275 made in the late 1950's, 24" bbl., 300wm, all original, 97% = $ E-Mail Me:


7.Wby. .375 wm, very rare, 26" bbl., mauser , 3 to choose from = $ E-Mail Me:


8.Wby. 220 rocket,FN Mauser,Heavy barrel, Heavy bench rest stock, great wood with carving = $ SOLD


9.Wby. several MARK XXII Autos for sale




11.Wby. remington,early wby. conversion,#11 checkering,wby pad,gold monogram plate, gold plated engraved floorplate and triggergaurd, 257 roberts, 98% = $ E-Mail Me:


12.Wby. custom 378 wm , Schultz and Larsen, 4 wby. stock inlays, 26" bbl., 99% =$ E-Mail Me:


13.Wby. very rare, Left hand Mathieu action, 270wm, 24" bbl., all original, 97% = $ E-Mail Me:


14. Wby. custom 257wm,26" # 4 countor bbl. 15" length of pull, oil finish stock, Heavy bench gun, jpn. 99%= $ E-Mail Me:


15.Wby. German, Left Hand, 7 mm Wby., 24" bbl., 97% = $ E-Mail Me:


16.Wby. LEFT-HAND ,Japan,460 wm,26" pendelton muzzle brake,98%,= $ E-Mail Me:


17.Wby. Mark 5, Super Rare SINGLE SHOT action [only a few built], 1962, 30" full bull barrel, 30-378 wby.with original dies,mesquite stock, this was Weatherbys test gun,= $SOLD


18.Wby. RARE enfield conversion,Full inlays, rare stock carving, family crest inlaid in butt stock, made for WW2 Navy Admiral, 99%=$ E-Mail Me:


19.Wby. RARE schultz&larsen .378wm,large monogram inlay, pendleton brake, 26"bbl., 93%=$ E-Mail Me:


20.Wby. SUPER RARE .224 GERMAN , "A" prefix serial number,with letter from WBY. stating it was the third .224 produced, 24 " bbl., 99%,with imperial scope, this gun was not meant to leave the factory = $ E-Mail Me:


21.Wby. Mark 5 = 375 WBY. converted from a 375 H&H synthetic, 24" bbl., new=$ E-Mail Me:


22. Anschutz mdl. 1502 , 17 mach 2, heavy barrel , new in box = $ E-Mail Me:


23.Winchester Mdl. 52, 22 L . R.  with rare factory Curly Maple Stock , as new in box, limited edition and very hard to find = $ E-Mail Me:


24.Ruger #1 in 404 Jeffery, new in factory marked box, I have a letter from Ruger stating none were ever produced!!!=$ E-Mail Me:


25.Winslow 460 Wby., rare and high priced brevex magnum action, ivory and ebony elephant in buttstock, lots of gold wire, ivory grip cap and forend tip, basket weave carving on stock, 99% = SOLD


26.WBY. STATE SERIES RIFLES!!! WIS. # 1 AND 2 , BOTH NEW IN MATCHING WEATHERY ALUMINUM CASES, SOLD FOR $ 5000.00 IN 1981, ALL PAPERWORK INCLUDED, Make an offer , these need to go, they are the only two produced for Wisconsin. E-Mail Me: !!!


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