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Current Online World

Current Online World is a free shard, with an easy rule set. Both newbie and advanced players will enjoy the easy twists on the game rules. If you are wanting a difficult rules set, you proably will not like it on the Current Online Worlds.  Even though rules are set easy, there are still challenges and goals to obtain.
Current Online World was born October 16, 2006, and is continuing to evolve.

Razor settings to connect to COW1
Port 2593

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MPOG TOP - multiplayer online games list MMORPG

COW3 no longer supported due to lack of interest


Current Online World 2

Current Online World 2 was created March 2, 2008.  COW2 was started, due to several players complaints of not being able to log into COW1 because their UO client had been updated past - Usually because they also play Paid OSI
Presently at this time, Clients updated past are unable to log into COW2 
COW2 Server Client is running version, Not sure of compatablitly of clients patched past that

Razor Settings for COW2
Port 2595

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Player Status

We will do our best to keep the shards up, and open at all times. If either of the shards are down for more then a few minutes, or if you have any other questions please send email to : or send a comment:

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