A web page about my '32 Ford five window coupe.

'32 pictures    Pictures of the '32 Yard pictures    Pictures of our yard

Book Cover    Flight 648 Hammer Formed Radiator Shroud   Hammer Formed Radiator Shroud

Panel in dash   32 Dash Modification Cover page   Full Flow oil filter for Ford Flathead

mag pickup   Distributor Conversion: Magnetic Pickup MSD crab cap   Crab Cap Upgrade: MSD cap on Ford distributor

H&C dist   H&C Dual Coil Crab distributor Rebuild Kit   Rebuilding 37-48 water pumps

Dial Indicator   Bell Housing Alignment Original and New   32 Accelerator Pedal Rebuild

Sun Tach   Sun Tach Conversion Drive Circuit Board   Fuel Pump Drive

Dual Temp Mon    Dual Temperature Monitor Principles of Tube Line Fabrication   Parker Hannifin Corp Bulletin 4306-B5

Voltage Regulator Whys and Hows   Standard Motors Products 1949 Banjo fuel fittings   Banjo fuel fittings for Stromberg 97's

MiniMill with belt drive   MiniMill with belt drive conversion    Winchester Model 06 Firing Pin Screws

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Updated 11-25-2016
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