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Westonka Historical Society

5341 Maywood Road

Mound, MN 55364

Phone: (952) 472-9800

What’s New?

WHS Update—President’s Report

At the annual membership meeting of Nov. 10, 2018, the financial report was reviewed, elections were held for secretary (Sharon Corl) and treasurer (Liz Vandam), 2018 accomplishments were summarized including completion of Collections Management Procedure & Policy Manual Step 1, society By-Laws and literature to reflect archaeological ethical standards were updated, interactive computer display created of Lake Mtka Native American Mound Sites, family archive files increased, participation in the first Westonka History Walk and creation of self-guided tour handout, 190 visitors hosted w/ 2820 volunteer hours and 25 new members added.

2019 goals include beginning the museum Intellectual Property Inventory, continued archive photo scanning, increased membership and volunteers, continued collections inventory, quality presentations and program opportunities.

Lake Minnetonka Native American Mound Sites

Our museum has an interactive Lake Minnetonka Native American Mound Sites display. More than 50 documented mound sites are described. Information for each site/area is displayed when clicking on its map balloon.

It would seem that these mounds were most often built in high, dry spots that often offered beautiful views of lakes and rivers.

Around Lake Minnetonka, 524 mounds were mapped at 48 sites in the 1880s.  Today, about 40 mounds remain at 12 sites.

Museum Hours

We are open for the public every

Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm

or by appointment.

We have an admission of  

$3 donation per visitor

to see the museum during

our open hours.

Scheduled tours by appointment

$5 per visitor.

Museum Address:

Centennial Building

​5341 Maywood Road

Mound, MN  55364

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