Westonka Historical Society

Westonka Historical Society

5341 Maywood Road

Mound, MN 55364

Phone: (952) 472-9800

What’s New?

Volunteers Needed

Could you volunteer an hour or two a week to help inventory the items the history museum has in storage?  We’ve received a Legacy grant from the State of Minnesota to hire a Collections Technician to train us, and to provide supplies.  Now we need willing hands.  You could make lists of  items in boxes, sew  on labels, print or paint on labels, or provide data entry.  

Please help.  Call 952-472-9800 or email info@westonkahistoricalsociety.org

Museum Hours

We are open for the public every

Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm

or by appointment.

We have an admission of  

$3 donation per visitor

to see the museum during

our open hours.

Scheduled tours by appointment

$5 per visitor.

Museum Address:

Centennial Building

​5341 Maywood Road

Mound, MN  55364

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North side of Centennial Building

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Parking is on south side of Centennial Building

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Visitor count for 2019:

Upcoming Events


"Maritime History / Wrecks

   of Lake Minnetonka"

Presented by Ann Merriman

and Christopher Olson

from ‘Maritime Heritage Minnesota’

Sponsored by the

Westonka Historical Society

The presenters both are nautical archaeologists

and maritime historians, dedicated to the identification, documentation, preservation,

and conservation of Minnesota's wrecks

and other maritime sites.

Portions of the proceeds of beer purchases

will be donated to Westonka Historical Society

Free to the public, no tickets needed.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 at 7 pm

​Doors open at 6:30 pm


Back Channel Brewing Co.

4787 Shoreline Drive

Spring Park, MN 55384

Phone: (612) 327-0911

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