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All contributions are very much appreciated.  What makes this a great project is seeing all of the different communities, organizations and supporters who have come together, each contributing what they are able, and realizing that if everyone just gives a can make a lot.  Thank You for supporting this project, honoring the contributions of my father and helping the students of Swain County fulfill their dreams of a college education.
Please scroll down to see all who have joined the team through their contributions.  Thank you!

courtesy of Kidica

Full Expedition Team Members
Nancy Hester
The Nantahala Outdoor Center

Team members contributing $1000 or more.

Tennessee River Team Members
Bryson City Rotary Club

Team members contributing between $500 - $999

Little Tennessee River Team Members
George Snelling
Bil Aylor
Regina and Steven Ash

Team members contributing between $250 - $499

Swain County Team Member
Howard Holden
Harvey Hester Jr.
Paul Mason
Don and Martha Hains
John and Jean Smietana
Bryson City Womens Club
Bunny Johns
Ray and Jackie McLeod
Deb Livesay
Ann Briley Gary
Jesse and Debbie Foreman
Perry and Ann Provost
Peter Englander
Donna and David Ennis
Tim Mason and Amy Walker

Team members contributing between $100 - $249

Team Contributors
Jeani Hester Taliaferro
Jim White
Emile and Trudi Perret
Donna Romero
Vicki Perez
Steve Liebig
Jack and Karen Ledford
Susan Cothran
Leann Weisbecker
Sally Bennett
Trish Parker
Ed and Maryanne Zelinka
Marcia Winchester
Joe Jacobi
Kelly Fischer
Janet Smith and John Mordhorst
Donna Obrecht and Jimmy Holcombe
Elizabeth Buckner
Melvin and Renaella Hamilton
Margaret Toms
Les and Susan Bechdel
Stephanie and Michael Lassalle
Jackie and Danny McLeod
Amanda and Justin Sugar
Shelby Hamilton
Hollis Rosson
Julie Thorner
Bill Butler
Cat Potts and Marc Hunt
Ted Hawthorne
Magnolia Keller
Kent Champagne
Gary and Karen Owen
Tammy Burns

Team Contributors of $1 - $99

I also want to thank Len Sadosky for his incredible effort and wonderfully done webpages outlining the route for the project.  He put together all the maps with detailed information about the areas I'll be traveling.  Please take a look at the pages here:
Thanks Len!