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Please keep check on our Website as other WV Deer Farmers are going to be sending pictures of their Big Bucks, does and maybe some fawn pictures.   7/30/07


Our Mission


Our biggest goal to date is to educate the public how our privately owned farm raised cervids have become  a healthy, profitable and  highly enjoyable buisness.


Becoming a Member

Anyone who is interested in joining the wvdeer farmers or in becomming a deer farmer may e-mail us at the address below.


Here are two of our Breeder Bucks from Shadow Valley Deer Farm.  These pictures were taken on 7-29-07, They are both big boys, Patch on the left is our Four Year Old Piebald, and Morton below is our Two Year Old white buck, he is Patch's Son.  07/30/07   For more pictures of our Farm visit MYSITE.VERIZON.NET/SHADOWVALLEYDEERFARM



Organization News


We have a date set for our annual WV Deer Farmers fundraiser, it will be March 15, 2008. I will have more details posted here for you soon.


All  photos  have  been submitted  by  members of  the WV Deer  Farmers  Association.