All scores are produced with Finale. The MP3's are full versions so you can hear the music before you order.
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Concert Band

English Horn Variations An orchestration of the NoteAlpha piece originally for organ. English Horn Variations. 45.00
Dorian's Quest A grand adventure, with some renaissance influences. Dorian's Quest 45.00
First Overture for Band My first composition for band. Written for a small Navy band. First Overture for Band 30.00
Air and Variations This features many parts of the ensemble. Variations include melodic inversion, jazz voicings, a calypso like setting, and a march to finish. Air with Variations 45.00

Jazz Ensemble

InFragleNoid Someone once described this as a bad Bar Mitzvah tune. Optional clarinets at the beginning. Funky, modal. InFragleNoid 30.00
Mac Fog This one features a quartet of trumpet, alto and tenor sax, and trombone. It also features a sax soli in the middle and a shout chorus to finish. Mac Fog 30.00

Brass Quintet

1813 Underture Loosely based on the 1812 Overture, this piece is similar to Peter Schickele's Unbegun Symphony in that it combines parts of several pieces. 1813 20.00
Dorian's Fantasy A nice Renaissance flavored piece with some shifting meters. Dorian's Fantasy 14.00
Interlude 1 Kind of a French salon piece, works well with flugelhorns and euphonium. Interlude 1 7.00
Is So Inspired by the Gershwins Is So 7.00
Lord Longwind's Fanfare Renaissance-style piece Lord Longwind's Fanfare 6.00
Passacaglia Slower piece in seven. Passacaglia 10.00
Three Short Pieces Intrada, Pavan, and Fuguetta Three Short Pieces 12.00

Solos and Duets

American Trombone Trombone and Piano - I wrote this as a 'paper' for my American Music History class, illustrating various American styles of music. American Trombone 10.00
Concert Piece Bass Trombone and Piano - One of my first serious compositions. Concert Piece 10.00
Into the New Century Bass Trombone and Piano - This piece was written using twentieth-century serial techniques, but with a surprisingly tonal, jazzy feel. Into the New Century 10.00
Two Justins Tuba and Piano - Written for two students, both named Justin. A Notalpha work Two Justins 10.00
Seven Duets A set of short Bass Trombone duets - Also sound great as Euphonium and Tuba duets. coming soon 12.00

Woodwind Choir

Mythical, Magical Dances Set of four short pieces that explore twentieth century compositional techniques, including odd and shifting meters. Scored for 2 flutes, oboe, bassoon, 3 clarinets and bass clarinet. Mythical Dances 20.00

Solo Organ

English Horn Variations Theme and variations developed using the NOTALPHA system. coming soon 10.00

Renaisance Dance

Lord Dorian Longwind's Music Book A collection of Renaissance dance tunes, mostly in four parts. Table of Contents 18.00