2016 Tucson WomenÕs Senior/Masters


Acknowledgements and Thanks


** Special Thanks to Wilson Racquetball for a decade of Support!


** Thanks to the Tucson Racquet Club and Renee Sitter for a great venue


** Thanks to Cindy Tilbury and Joe Williams for running a fantastic event!


Thanks to these Tournament Sponsors:


Wilson Racquetball (http://www.wilson.com/en-us/racquetball/)

Malibu Ladies Racquetball Camps- Cindy Tilbury

Sun Rise Bakery, Tucson (http://www.sunrisebaking.com/index.html)

Ric Shorrock Photography, Tucson (ricsimages1@yahoo.com)

King Label, Phoenix

Dr. Mary Lee Amerian, Los Angeles

Splatshotz Apparel Minneapolis (http://www.splatshotz.com/welcome)


Thanks to these Individuals for Donations to the Auction:


Nidia Funes

Terry Rogers

Peggine Tellez

Marie Gomar

Cheryl Kirk

Linda Covault

-- and Many others!


Thanks to all of our Volunteers:


Carol Gellman

Nidia Funes

Pat Meyer

Linda Moore

Marie Gomar

Vickie Onesti

Kathy Yurrick

-- and everyone else who helped out! You know who you are!