28th Annual Womens Senior/Masters Racquetball Nationals:

Fun Facts


      Our second time in the Chicago area (first was 1999 at Latoff YMCA)

      80 Players from 22 states and Guatemala

o   Player who came the furthest: Marie G. from Guatemala 2724 miles

o   32 Players from Illinois, 8 from Florida, and 5 from New York

      Overall Player Attendance for our 28 tournaments:

o   2,255 Players in 28 years (80/year average)

o   This year Illinois overtook California as the State with the most overall players in our 28 years:

o   Illinois- 314, California- 285, Florida- 236

      9 Players at the tournament have played in 21 or more Womens Senior/Masters

      Largest divisions: 14 teams in 55+ Doubles, and 14 players in 55B Singles

      Overall: 35 Doubles teams and 61 players in Singles

      The Fun Doubles raised $575 for Breast Cancer Research

      Thanks to many generous donors and bidders, the Silent Auction raised over $1100 for the TRACKS program that assists at-risk children in Guatemala City, teaching them life skills and coping strategies through sports and racquetball.

      The Silent Auction also raised over $900 for to support the WSMRA racquetball endeavors. In addition, the annual entry raffle earned over $300 for the WSMRA.

      The tournament desk was staffed all weekend by and army of volunteers from the Illinois State Racquetball Association organized by Geoff Peters.

      About 175 singles matches and 115 doubles matches were played during the tournament.

      All this proves that the Racquetball Community is amazing, hard-working, hard-playing and generous!