Microtech Collectors

New Consignment Collection

UTC70 from 2004

Rare Find on this one. Include Stingray pocket Sheath


Very Rare Microtech Bag

Holds 20 knives in velcro flapped pouches

These bags were specially made for Microtech

I don't remember the exact quantity but it was very low


Microhalics Knife Bag


End of Consignment




Halo III Neck/Belt Sheath $30.00

Kydex Belt Sheath for Combat Talon - $20.00

Neck Sheath for Nemesis - $15.00

Belt Sheath for ??? Sideopener - $25.00

Various Cordura MT Sheaths - $10.00/ea

Sholder Rig for Halo II - $50.00


Glass Breakers and tools - $25.00/ea