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Shadow Valley Deer Farm

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Welcome to our World of Whitetails! Now once you come inside and take a look you will soon see that we have Whitetails like most of you have never seen, specializing in Piebalds and Whites we have some of the most beautiful and unique whitetails around. We here at Shadow Valley are very excited and have a deep passion for Deer Farming.  Deer Farming is a very rewarding, fun and profitable business that more people need to know is out there and available. 

We have been wanting to get new pictures on the site and we finally have a few to share with you. We have some of Patch and Morton our two breeder bucks as they are still in velvet they are still very impressive. And some of their offspring, keep in mind Patch is 5 years old and Morton is 3 years old.


We have unbelievable White and Piebald Bucks




Hours: You can e-mail us at anytime at ShadowValleyDeerFarm@verizon.net

We raise different types of Whitetail Deer we have White, Brown and Piebalds. We do sell deer and we also sell their semen.

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