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93rd Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry

The 93rd O.V.I. was organized at Dayton Ohio, 
August 20,1862, to serve three years.
The members whose term of service would have
expired previous to October 1, 1865,
were mustered out June 8, 1865, 
in accordance with orders from the
War Department, and the remaining members
transferred to the 41st O.V.I.

Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio
in the War of the Rebellion 1861-1866. Volume VII.

"Noble soldiers, your work is finished. Now rest from your labors."
Major General T.J. Wood's order just prior to muster-out of the regiment.

History of the 93rd

Click here to load the history file of the 93rd OVI or click on a battle name in the
next section to load the file and jump to the book-marked battle description.
Or, view Dyer's Compendium entries for the 93rd OVI by clicking here.

Battle List

Lebanon, TN       12/6/1862 Stone River, TN       12/31/1862 - 1/2/1863
Chickamauga, GA        9/19/1863 - 9/20/1863 Brown's Ferry, TN       10/27/1863
Orchard Knob, TN       11/23/1863 Missionary Ridge, TN       11/25/1863
Dandridge, TN       1/16/1864 - 1/17/1864 Buzzard Roost, GA        5/8/1864 - 5/10/1864
Resaca, GA        5/13/1864 - 5/16/1864 Dallas, GA        5/25/1864 - 6/4/1864
Kennesaw Mountain, GA       6/9/1864 - 6/30/1864 Atlanta, GA       7/28/1864 - 9/2/1864
Jonesboro, GA        8/31/1864 - 9/1/1864 Lovejoy Station        9/2/1864 - 9/6/1864
Franklin, TN       11/30/1864 Nashville, TN       12/15/1864 - 12/16/1864


The Official Roster, published in 1888, lists 1107 men in the 93rd O.V.I..
The record for each man is listed in its entirety. Changes have been made only in regards
to uniformly listing last name/first name, correcting known errors, and converting some battle
    names to their modern-day equivalent.

Don't know which Company he's located in? Start by clicking here and you'll get an alphabetically
 sorted list of every member of the 93rd and a reference to the soldier's particular Company for his
complete record. You can also use the search tool below to search the entire site.

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Company H Company I Company K Unassigned Recruits

Battle Flags of The 93rd

Links to the Ohio Historical Society exhibit entitled:
Fight For The Colors: the Ohio Battle Flag Collection

Regimental Colors of the 93rd O.V.I. National Colors of the 93rd O.V.I.

Bibliography Of The 93rd

USAMHI Unit Bibliography - Choose 93inf.doc (MS Word format)
A Brief History of the Ninety-Third Regiment by Alfred Demoret


Here's a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions; they're the same questions I had when I
began researching the 93rd. What Ohio counties were the guys from, who was the youngest and oldest?
What battles were the most costly? Why don't the numbers add up? Where do I begin?

Can You Help?

Contributions of material to this site are welcome. Do you have a CDV of one of the soldiers?
    How about a letter written during his tour of duty? In the same sense, please report errors.
    All material has been hand-compiled and often transcribed from poor copies. If there are errors,
I certainly want to know. This is a work in progress; check back often for updates.


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