Adventures in China


In November 2004, we took a 13-day tour through China. Our itinerary included Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, Suzhou and Shanghai. This took in many of the highlights of China, including Tianaman Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Terra Cotta Warriors, the River Li, the canals and gardens of Suzhou and The Bund in Shanghai.

In December 2005, we returned to China for three weeks of travel by ourselves. After flying in Kunming and visiting there for a day, we flew on to Lijiang, which where we spent several days exploring the wonderful old Town. From Lijiang, we set off on a road trip and visited Zhong Dian (Shangri La), the Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, the Naxi sacred springs at Baishuitai, Tiger Leaping Gorge and the First Bend of the Yangtze. From Lijiang, we flew to Guilin and spent a week exploring the countryside around Yangshou. Finally, we spent several days in Shanghai before reluctantly returning home.

In May 2007, we returned again to China for a ten-day road trip through Tibetan areas of Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan provinces. We flew into Xining, where we met our driver and guide. From there, we visited Gando Gorge, which leads to the Yellow River, Xunhuq, the temples at Tongren, the Labrang monastery complex at Xiahe, Langmusi, Xagdomba, Zeku, Guide and the temple at GeiWaErhang, before returning to Xining. On our way home, we stopped in Beijing for two days. We had a phenomenal trip and consider this the best adventure we have ever been on - it will be hard to top this trip.

In May 2009, we returned to China again for another ten-day road trip through Tibetan areas of Qinghai province. Again, we flew into Xining, where we met our driver and guide. This time, we headed southwest, first to the Kumbum monastery and Qinghai Lake. From there, we continued south to Xinghai and the nearby Serdzog monastery and then on to Yushu, where we visited the Gyanak Mani Prayer Stone Temple, Batang Grasslands, Wencheng Temple and Jyeku Monastery. Another day's drive took us past the source of the Mekong River to Nangchen and the nearby Tsechu Monastery. From there we returned to Yushu for several days and then went back to Xining. On our way home, we stopped in Beijing for two days. Again, we had a great trip.

The Hall of Supreme Harmony inside The Forbidden City, Beijing (2004)

On the River Li, with the famous mountains looming in the mist in the background (2004)












The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi'an (2004)





The Great Wall at Badaling Pass, northeast of Beijing (2004)










A Teahouse in the Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai (2004)






The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests inside The Temple of Heaven, Beijing (2004)







The neon of Nanjing Street, Shanghai (2004)









The Humble Administrator's Garden, Suzhou (2004)








The Gate of Heavenly Peace on Tianamen Square, Beijing (2004)







The Terracota Warriors, outside of Xi'an - note how each of these life size figures is different. (2004)












The two of us, enjoying our cruise on the River Li (2004)









Jade Dragon Snow Mountain looming over the Black Dragon Pool Park in Lijiang (2005)








The limestone terraces at the Sacred Pools at Baishuitai (2005)







Breakfast at our guide Lily's parent's farm outside of Lijiang on Lashihai Lake (2005)








The Ganden Sumtseling Monastery outside of Zhong Dian (Shangri La) (2005)







Terraces on the hillsides above the Yao village of DaZai (2005)







Our guide Shandy (left) harvesting some water chestnuts in a field along the Yilong river near Baisha Town (2005)







Tiger Leaping Gorge on the upper Yangtze (2005)








Taking a break in a field along the Yilong river near Baisha Town (2005)







The Gando Gorge, leading to the Yellow River (2007)








The Yellow River near Xunhuq (2007)





Visiting one of the monastaries near Tongren (2007)








A nomad riding a yak on the road to Zeku (2007)






Prayer flags over a 11,000 foot mountain pass on the road from Zeku to Guide (2007)







One of the temples in the Labrang Monastery at Xiahe (2007)








Looking across the grasslands towards snow covered mountains near Xagdomba (2007)






Our hosts for an evening near Langmusi (2007)








Monks at the GeiWaErhang Monastery (2007)






Evening light on the mountains near Xunhuq (2007)







Two monks relaxing on a hillside overlooking the Langmusi Monastery (2007)






Saddled yaks on the grassland near Xiahe (2007)







Main street in the oasis town of Guide, on the Yellow River (2007)







Red rock glowing in the morning light on the road from Guide to Xining (2007)








Snowcapped peaks above high-altitude grasslands on the road from Guide to Xining (2007)







Anne spinning prayer wheels at the Labrang Monastery (2007)










David enjoying a lunch of Tsamba at the GeiWaErhang Monastery (2007)






Looking across the high-altitude grasslands south of Xinghai (2009)











Tibetan wolves we encountered on the drive from Yushu to Nangchen (2009)







Young monks on horseback at the Tsechu monastery (2009)









The Gyanak Mani Prayer Stone Temple (2009)







Women cleaning catepillar fungus in the market square in Yushu (2009)









A temple in the Serdzog monastery (2009)









A view of Yushu from the Jyeku Monastery (2009)












Inside a temple at the Serdzog monastery (2009)







A temple along the road north of Yushu (2009)








The Mekong River, near its source (2009)








A mani stone in a river near the Wencheng Temple











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