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Who are we? Its kinda hard to explain, but suffice to say that we are two curious people, with a multitude of interests. Anne is a business development consultant, but she also dabbles in personal growth and spirituality. David is an Aeronautical Engineer at a small consulting firm, but he also dabbles in aviation history and software design. Together, we are active sea kayakers, cross-country skiiers and world travelers.

Here are pages about our interests:

Our Cats

Our Yurt

Sea Kayaking and World Travel:

Adventures With Orcas

Sea Kayaking Adventures

Travels in the United States

Travels in Great Britain

Travels in Israel

Travels in Indonesia

Travels in Turkey

Travels in Denmark

Travels in Italy

Travels in Mexico

Travels in Costa Rica

Travels in the Czech Republic

Travels in Austria

Travels in Slovakia

Travels in Poland

Travels in Hungary

Travels in Slovenia

Travels in Switzerland

Travels in France

Travels in Germany

Travels in Belgium

Travels in the Bahamas

Travels in Taiwan

Travels in Thailand

Travels in Japan

Travels in China

Travels in Vietnam

Travels in Laos

Travels in Morocco

David's aviation pages:

The UIUC Airfoil Database

The Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage

Dave's All The World Fenestrons

Aviation History Pages

David's Pictures on Airliners.net

List of Allowable UAVs for Airliners.net

David's software pages:

Panel Editing Program PEP

Curve Fitting Progam CFIT/W


Dan Lednicer's Pastels, Minatures and More


Last revised: February 15th, 2017