Adventures in France


Our journey through Europe in 2000 took us through France twice. We spent one day driving through Alsace-Lorraine and another day visiting the beaches at Dunkirk (Dunkerque).

Returning from Morocco in 2009, we stopped in France and finally got to see Paris. In just a few days there, we fell in love with the city. We will be back to Paris!

A white stork (Une cigogne) at the stork breeding center in Issenheim.

A scene in the Vosges











Vineyards along the Route du Vin, in Alsace











The beach at Bray-Dunes, just north of Dunkirk (Dunkerque). This was one of the embarkation beaches used in the British evacuation (Operation Dynamo) in May/June 1940.










The dunes at Bray-Dunes. Just over the horizon is the British coast.











Anne on the beach at Bray-Dunes.







David on the beach at Bray-Dunes. Almost exactly sixty years earlier, this is where the British and French troops waited in queues on the beach.




Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris.








Les Invalides at sunset.














Along the Seine, looking towards the Left Bank












The inside of Musée d'Orsay, once a train station, now an art museum.








The Eiffel Tower at sunset.







The Arc de Triomphe.


















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