Adventures in Germany


Our 1999 journey ended with a day spent in Berlin. Having enjoyed this experience, we started our 2000 journey in Berlin and spent more time exploring this city. Later in our 2000 journey, we visited the Mosel and Rhine valleys in western Germany. Overall, we found Germany to be a fascinating and friendly country.

The Brandenburg gate in Berlin on a chilly winter day


Two views, from the outside (left) and inside (right), of the new dome on top of Reichstag

















The Berlin flag flying from the Berlin city hall










The gorgeous, recently restored New Synagogue in Berlin








David, about a block up the street from the former location of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin










The Berlin Cathedral (left) and Radio-Televison Tower (right). The tower was built by the East German government to overshadow the cathedral. Note the cross that appears on the tower's ball when the sun shines! This is called "The Pope's Revenge", but the cathedral is acutally Protestant.

The Rhine River valley, viewed Bacharach castle











Bacharach Castle, now a youth hostel






A castle above the Mosel River






The remains of the famous bridge across the Rhine at Remagen. The storming of this bridge by American soldiers in 1945 hastened the end of WWII.











A castle in the middle of the Rhine River












A view of Bacharach castle from the Bacharach waterfront











Another view of the Rhine River valley from Bacharach Castle










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