Adventures in Mexico


In November 1996, we flew to Cancun and then drove south along the coast of the Yucatan pennisula to Chemuyil, a beach campground. We spent a very enjoyable week relaxing, snorkeling and hiking. We had been worried about theft, so we only brought a cheap throw-away camera. As a result, the photos aren't the greatest, and no, we had no theft problems, despite leaving our tent unattended during the days.

The beach campground at Chemuyil. That's our yellow and grey tent in the middle, with David sitting just to the right of it. In the background are the thatch huts that could be rented out and the bathrooms are in the large building to the right.

The surf crashing on the reef, just outside of the bay at Chemuyil.

Looking across the bay Chemuyil is located on. That's Anne in the hammock, under the tree to the left.

The view from Anne's hammock...




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