Anne & Dave's Dances With Orcas

Orcas in Haro Strait, Vancouver Island in the background, June 1997

We spend much of our springs, summers and autumns sea kayaking in Puget Sound and the Straits of Georgia. This area is home to a population of Orcinus Orca, known as Orca Whales or Killer Whales. Over the last five years, we have had encounters with the three pods of the Southern Community; J, K and L pods. These are some of our pictures of Orcas of these pods.

K-7 Lummi (female), born c.1910. Haro Strait, June 1997.

K-11 Georgia (female), K-7's daughter, born c.1933. Haro Strait, June 1997.

K-1 Taku (male), K-7's son, born c.1955, died c.1999. Haro Strait, June 1997.

L-38 Dylan (male), born c.1965. Haro Strait, June 1997.

Without the noise of an engine, the Orcas get up close and personal. Dylan seems to delight in swimming among kayaks and surprising people by suddenly surfacing behind paddlers. We have had members of J pod pass immediately below us, so close that we could see them eyeing us. Recently, we took delivery of a hydrophone and have already been privileged to hear members of L pod echo-locating and singing.

The two of us, Anne and David Lednicer in our sea kayak, an Easy Rider Eskimo 20

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