Adventures in Slovakia


We passed through Slovakia on our 1999 journey across Central Europe. We were so taken by what we saw, that we returned for a much longer visit in 2000. On this trip, we stayed with Servas hosts in both Banska Bystrica and Bratislava and got to experience life in Slovakia first-hand.

The beautiful Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava

St. Michael Tower in the old town of Bratislava



















Old Town Hall, Bratislava













Two views of the main square of Banska Bystrica












Hilltop church in Spania Dolina



















A statue along the Danube in Bratislava


The futuristic Novy Most across the Danube, as seen from Bratislava Castle











Streetcars in front of Reduta Palace, Bratislava












The valleyside houses of Spania Dolina












Street sculpture, Bratislava














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