Sea Kayaking Adventures


During the warmer months of the year, the waters of Puget Sound and the Straits of Georgia are our home away from home. The following pictures were taken during some of our adventures in our kayak.

Kayaking in the Nisqually Delta area, Southern Puget Sound, with Mount Rainier dimly visible in the background. Easter Sunday 1996.


Sunset over the Belle Chain islands, near Mayne and Saturna islands, Straits of Georgia, British Columbia. August 1997.





Anne admiring the scenery from our camp site at Tzoonie Narrows, in Narrows Inlet near Sechelt, British Columbia. May, 1998.









Using the wind, instead of our arms, for propulsion in Desolation Sound, British Columbia. With our sails, we were able to make headway against a strong flood current. July 1996.





Anne enjoying terra firma in Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, after a difficult crossing of the Speiden Channel. We had launched from Stuart Island during a peak ebb current. After a strenous fight, we finally managed to make it into Roche Harbor. June 1995.








Sitting in a kelp bed, waiting for the Orcas to come by. Taken in the Haro Strait, off of San Juan Island.


Anne resting on the beach after a tough crossing of the Rosario Strait to Matia Island from Gooseberry Point. July 1995.





With our friends Susan Warner and Dick Varney on the beach below their farm on Long Bay, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia. July 1995.


Our kayak on the Lasqueti Island ferry, headed home across the Straits of Georgia, to French Creek, British Columbia. July 1995.






Waiting on the dock at Lasqueti Island for the ferry, after another great adventure. July 1997.



Our kayak, with five others, getting tied down when we were rescued from Saddlebag Island during the Easter Sunday storm of 1997.





Emptying the kayak after our trip up Sechelt Inlet, British Columbia. May 1998.




A tired David, sacked out on a log in Deadman Bay, San Juan Island, after a day with the Orcas in Haro Strait.




Anne at our camp on Indian Island, Clayquot Sound, British Columbia. July 2000.






Sunset at Adventure Cove, Meares Island, Clayquot Sound, British Columbia. July 2000.






Anne relaxing on Hand Island in Barkley Sound, British Columbia. August 2002





Clearing weather, Barkley Sound, British Columbia. August, 2002.






David cooking dinner. Hand Island, Barkley Sound British Columbia, August, 2002.






Dawn at Griffin Bay, San Juan Island. June 2000.




John Hopkins Glacier, Glacier Bay Alaska, July 2004.





Anne watching ice calve off of Lamplugh Glacier, Glacier Bay Alaska, July 2004.





David at our camp at Ptarmigan Creek, Glacier Bay Alaska, July 2004. The morning after this picture was taken, we had a Brown (Grizzly) Bear wander by on the beach and cut up to the brush, right behind the rock pile in the background.





David's grin says it all - we just saw 40 Sea Otters in an isolated bay near Cordova Alaska. Kayaking in Prince William Sound, June 2005






Sea Otters in Elkhorn Slough, Moss Landing California, May 2006











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