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See enlargement of cover of Jocelyn's latest book below.
Read below what early buyers are saying about
BUTTON MATERIALS A-Z: Identification Guide.
At this time we have three publications available by mail, 
as described on the home page -- additional details below.
We sell collectible and craft buttons at
shows only at this time - no time to send out approvals. 
We have "tons" of poke buttons,
 too many to take to shows. 
Home appointments encouraged. 
See us at:  
               1)  National Button Society's annual conventions
               2) Oregon, Washington and/or Idaho  annual state 
                    button shows
               3) Western Regional Button Association shows
               4) Palmer/Wirfs Collectors Shows (Expo) 3 times/year
                   (March, July, October) in Portland, Oregon. 
For details of these shows and organizations
 click on the "Contact Us" navigation bar on this website. 
Still available: 
Price Guide to PLASTIC BUTTONS: 
How to Identify Them Using All Six Senses
$6 postpaid.  This is for owners of the first edition only, 
as the price guide was incorporated into the second edition --
both of which are sold out. 
The prerequisite to using Jocelyn's plastic button book is the
National Button Society's
"Synthetic Polymer Handbook",
co-written by Jocelyn Howells, Joan MacFarlane & Nikki Deal. 
Highly recommended if you want to learn how to identify
11 different plastics that were made into buttons:
                   Thermosets:   Aminos (urea & melamine)
                                              Phenolics (Bakelite, Catalin, etc.)
                   Thermoplastics:  ABS
                                              Acrylic (Lucite, Plexiglass, etc.)
                                              Cellulose acetate (Tenite, Rhodo´d, etc.)
                                              Polymer clays
It is still available and, for your convenience,
may be ordered here. 
Over 200 buttons illustrated in color,
testing chart, shank chart,
40 pages 6x9 -- only $7 postpaid or $6 if included with another book order. 
Here is what the first buyers of BUTTON MATERIALS A-Z are saying:

"Love your book. I took it to club Monday and everyone else did too. Our newest collector was going to send for it right away and the rest decided to place a group order next month at club. Thanks for the great work."  C.T.

"Just a quick email to let you know your Book arrived on my doorstep this morning.... of course I could not wait to have a peep through the pages. Now what to do ????? housework or read your Book? Joss, after just having a glance through your book, I know that this book is very much needed by me, and I know also that at last I will be able to look at so many of my buttons and finally be able to label them into their right areas of identification. My learning won't happen overnight.... but it will happen with your very generous help at bringing a hands on approach to understanding my loved hobby of Button Collecting."  S.F.

"I believe that your wonderful book is a button book that belongs with the classics. You have never been afraid of a challenge, and this overwhelming wonderful book could only have been written by someone inquisitive, knowledgeable, and extremely focused." N.B.

"Jocelyn Howells' new book, "Button Materials A-Z: Identification Guide" is a MUST HAVE! This will be one of those books (like the BIG BOOK and the Encyclopedia) that will be a primary reference for collectors for generations to come. It's all structured around materials classifications and how to identify them... and to identify look-alikes. The color photos make it so easy to recognize the buttons. And where Joss has extensive new information she provides it in a to-the-point abbreviated form. Each time I pick it up, I see something new -- something that makes the book very worth the price!! For a new collector (or a seasoned one) the $55 may seem like a lot. Trust me, the value is there!!" J.M.

"I must congratulate you on your recent book, you have done a wonderful job and I will find it most useful." E.C.

"The New Hampshire 'Pouters'" (those who did not go to National) had an event last Saturday, the 12th - and someone there had your book Button Materials A-Z: Identification Guide. My daughter must have it, so I would like to order one."  M.C.

"My book arrived and I have been really enjoying it with my granddaughter! Thank you again for your dedication to 'button knowledge' and all the hard work put into the book." L.C.

"Received the book and love it. Just can't read fast enough." P.P.

"I can’t believe you did all your pix yourself -- wow! I just assumed they were professional." Sharry

"Your book is SO GREAT! I took it to the Waterloo Iowa meeting this last Wednesday, and everyone agreed. You are a real asset for us newbies and not-so-newbies but still not that knowledgeable. Great job!"  K.A.

"I'm enjoying it so much. You did a wonderful job and it'll be so useful to all of us button collectors. I know your book will be a good seller and you'll be busy at National." A.G.

"I received my book yesterday afternoon, it is another wonderful book to your credit.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with everyone." J.H.

"Just to let you know IT arrived in today’s mail. My family may not even get dinner this evening. Thanks so much for all the work you are sharing with all of us." N.H.

"I think Joss' new book is great! One of the most useful books I have ever had." J.N.

"Just got my book today; and skimming so far have found half a dozen buttons I had no idea what they were. It's helpful having similar buttons of different materials side-by-side for comparison. And the Vintage/Modern/Antique age reference on each button is great, as I'm trying to learn that too. I'm scheduled to give a program on dating buttons in September and the book is going to be helpful. And just last evening I was looking at (p97, middle row) the silver rose button & wondering if it might be aluminum or ??? and it is paper! Thanks much for all your hard work." J.G.

"Congratulations to you! Without people like you sharing priceless knowledge where would we be. Thank you, thank you." E.C.

" WOW!!! A beautiful book and your hard efforts show the wonderful results!" N.C.

"It is sometimes discouraging to me to think about keeping an interest in buttons when I know I don't want to spend my life savings on them. However, the information that you have provided to the button community makes it possible to remain involved because it makes a broader range of buttons interesting. Thank you!" V.K.

"Yesterday this wonderful book by Joss arrived in Ohio! It has so much information that I've not seen anywhere else.......and even my husband is reading it." T.H.

"I received your new book yesterday when I arrived home from vacation. I love it. It is a quality production, just as your other book was. I started reading it and have already learned several things. My button club met today so I took the book to show to the others and several people wrote down the information and will be ordering a book from you." S.C.

"I got Joss Howells' latest book in the mail yesterday and I am thrilled with it. A wonderful quality trade edition bound soft cover that is FULL of great color photos, and informtion on slick paper. Just a great looking book! I "dabble in antiques" and will find this invaluable to help me identify jewelry, trinket boxes, figurines, even dishes and picture frames. Not just the antique items, but some of the new repro stuff that is really tough to distinguish. And buttons, of course. ( You know those inlays that you think are ivory.....Hmmm???. better get this book....) I cannot imagine the hours spent not only in the research, but the physical work of assembling the info in such a pleasing and easy to read format. I want to say publicly,'Congratulations, Joss, on a superb job!!' " G.B.

"Book arrived today and WOW!!!!!!! Congratulations on a fabulous job. Look forward to reading it and learning more, as materials can definitely be a 'puzzlement'." J.S.

"The book is here! Thank you for all your hard work. I will recommend it to any button collector." E.J.

"Oh my goodness! What an educational book you've written! First thing I did was read it cover to cover, and this long-time collector sure learned a lot. I know exactly what I did with those ? buttons before your book arrived. That's why my "composition" drawer is so crowded! Now, to get to work!" S.B.

$55 + $3 S/H