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The frame homes I have worked on have mostly been built here in the Ely-Winton area. Most of them have been built by some of our fine local contractors, although several have been owner-built.  For most of the owner-built structures, I have provided more detailed drawings since owner builders are generally less experienced at construction and need more guidance.  For contractor built structures, I usually provide a simpler set of drawings because a competent contractor will already know how to do much of the work.  You are free to determine the level of detail you would like me to provide.  Since I charge by the hour for my work, less detailed drawings will, of course, cost you less.

I have designed and provided working drawings for one super insulated home built with foot thick walls consisting of two insulated 2 x 4 walls with an insulated space between them.  Most of the other frame home I've worked on utilize standard 2 x 6 wall construction.  One recent home, however - which is a completely off-grid home - has 2 x 4 walls that are totally wrapped in several inches of foam on the outside. This leaves the stud bays of the 2 x 4 walls available for installation of mechanicals without needing to penetrate the Air-Vapor barrier which is outside the studs.

I'll be adding more information here in the future.

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