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Our Goals
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"Art is the mirror of our lives."

Pamela DeLay explores specific areas, people and objects as they reflect their story over time in her recent oil, watercolor, paintings and pastel drawings. She paints both en plein air and from sketches and memory. She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, and has a Masters Degree from Franklin University. She has participated and won awards in many local and regional art shows. Her watercolor portrait commissions are in both private and corporate collections.


Charles DeLay is a sculptor who does large scale commissions in bronze, stone, wood, and resin.  His work is primarily figurative and deals with the spiritual nature of humans. He is fascinated by the spirit, strength and frailty of individuals. His works are installed throughout the United States. Six of his commissions reside in Washington DC. Many of his commissions are for churches, government offices, banks, schools, libraries and private homes. 

rt 1 box 611 Sugar Grove, OH 43155 cdelay@verizon.net padelay@verizon.net