Samuel Stalnaker *

Source: Revolutionary War Pension Applications

Birth: 1767/1772, Hampshire Co., West Virginia, USA
Death: 1835, Lewis Co., West Virginia, USA
Burial: Broad Run, Harrison Co., West Virginia, USA

Stalnaker * (Stalnaker)
Jacob Stalnaker (Stahlnecker) * Maria Elizabeth Truby? *
Samuel Stalnaker *
m. Susannah Radcliff *

Delilah Stalnaker

Andrew Stalnaker

Judith Stalnaker

Charles Stalnaker

Susannah Stalnaker

Martha Stalnaker

Samuel Stalnaker *

William Perry Stalnaker

Deborah Stalnaker

Elizabeth Stalnaker

Father: Jacob Stalnaker (Stahlnecker) *
Mother: Maria Elizabeth Truby? *

Married Susannah Radcliff * on 26 Feb 1788 at Randolph Co., West Virginia, USA
Child 1: Delilah Stalnaker 13 Feb 1789 - 26 Feb 1872 m. Thomas McWhorter
Child 2: Andrew Stalnaker 1789 - 1812
Child 3: Judith Stalnaker <1797> - m. William Brown
Child 4: Charles Stalnaker <1794> - 6 Oct 1867 m. Susannah England
Child 5: Susannah Stalnaker <1799> - m. James Brown
Child 6: Martha Stalnaker <1796> - m. Thomas Brown
Child 7: Samuel Stalnaker * 20 Aug 1800 - 25/28 Mar 1845 m. Elizabeth "Betsy" McWhorter *
Child 8: William Perry Stalnaker 1805 - m. Eleanor Reeder
Child 9: Deborah Stalnaker <1806> - 1861 m. David E. Brown
Child 10: Elizabeth Stalnaker -

Notes: BIOGRAPHY: Will of Samuel Stalnaker of Lewis County Viriginia make my last will and testamen t in manner and form following, that is to say, 1st. I desire that my personal estate be lef t to my wife, Susannah, and my three sons (vi. Charles, Samuel, and William) after my just de bts and funeral expenses are paid out of the same and each of my daughters to receive as the y may to equal with those that is married (towit) one cow, one bed and bedding, one spinnin g wheel and the two daughters already married to receive five dollars each more than they hav e received and should these daughters not marry to receive their part two years after my dece ase, but my daughter Elizabeth I expect her not marry is to be taken care of by her mother, m y wife, and my three sons during the course of her natural life and each son as he may marr y to take an equal part of the remaining part of the property with his mother and the other t wo sons. 2nd. I desire that my wife have one-third part of all my land, during the course o f her natural life and the to return to my sons as I shall direct to be enjoyed by them forev er. 3rd. I give to my son Samuel the fifty acres - fifty-four acres of land lying on Hasting s Run which was formerly conveyed to my son Andrew by John Edmunds. 4th. I give to my two son s Charles and William the lands on which I live containing in all one hundred and thirty-thre e acres and laying on Hackers Creek to be equally divided the same and their house forever . I give also to my son Charles the black mare which is now called his own and I hereby cons titute this my last will and testamant in writing whereof I have here unto set my hand and af fixed my seal this 14th day of October in the year 1817. Signed, sealed, published, and decl ared as and for the Last Will and Testament of the above named Samuel in the presence of us . William Powers Joseph J. Brown Joseph Minter Samuel Stalnaker [Settled 1835]
Transcribed by Elizabeth Turner

BURIAL: Reportedly in a private cemetery near Broad Run Baptist Church, not at the church, a s reported in some published sources.

From: Joy Gilchrist Stalnaker Subject: [HCPD] More Samuel Stalna ker info
Abstracts of Lewis County, WV, Deed Books A, B * C (1817-1827) abstracted by Becky Brogie, Ch arles Gilchrist, Joy Gilchrist, Diane Miller, and Mo Taylor, p. 64: From LC Deed Book B, p. 4 79 - "Minter Bailey and wife Nancy to Samuel Stalnacker, both of Lewis Co. VA 12 Aug 1823 dee d for 15 acres for $60. On south side of Hackers Creek, joining said Stalnacker land he now l ives on and Baileys survey said Bailey now lives on. (*side note - Delivered to Samuel D. Bro wn, per order of Samuel Stalnacker, his grandfather, 3 Oct 1834) s/Minter (his X mark) Bailey , Nancy (her X mark) Bailey Wit: Wm. Sims, Wm. Powers." Then today, in LC Deed Book E on pag es 409-411, I found three deeds. 1) Samuel Stalnaker to Wm. P. Stalnaker: "This Indenture 7t h day of October . . . One thousand Eight hundred and Thirty four. . . . the said Samuel Stal nacker & Susannah his wife for and inconsideration of the sum of four hundred and seventy si x dollars to them in hand paid. . . certain tract of land . . . Lewis County. . . . situate o n both sides of Hackers Creek being a part of the tract that the said Samuel Stalnacker now l ives and adjoining lands of William Powers & the heirs of Minter Bailey and bounded . . . (me ntions Charles Stalnacker's corner) . . . containing sixty-eight acres. . . s/ Samuel (hi s X mark) Stalnaker. . . There is a survey map of this tract of land. 2) Samuel Stalnake r to Charles Stalnaker: "This Indenture 7th day of October . . . One thousand Eight hundred a nd Thirty four. . . . the said Samuel Stalnacker & Susannah his wife for and inconsideratio n of the sum of four hundred and seventy six dollars to them in hand paid. . . certain trac t of land . . . Lewis County. . . . situate on Hackers Creek and adjoining ladnd of the heir s of Minter Bailey and bounded. . . . (mentions Original Survey). . . containing sixty-eigh t acres. . . s/ Samuel (his X mark) Stalnaker. . ." There is also a survey map of this trac t with the deed. Note that the last two almost equal the 117 acres plus 15 acres (132 acres) that Samuel and Susannah acquired from her father and from Minter Bailey. 3) Samuel Stalnake r Sr. to Samuel Stalnaker Jr.: "This Indenture 7th day of October . . . One thousand Eight hu ndred and Thirty four. . . . the said Samuel Stalnacker & Susannah his wife for and inconside ration of the sum of three Hundred Dollars . . . all that tract or parcel of land whereof the y became seized by the Death of Andrew Stalnacker their son in the year 1812 lying and bein g in the County of Lewis and Harrison and State aforesaid on McKinney's run a branch of Hacke rs Creek . . . (mentions Thomas Battens survey, line of Thomas McWhorter Dec'ed) . . . contai ning fifty four acres. . . No survey map with this deed. All three of these deeds in D B E have a statement along the side that they were "Delvd to Grantee 14th day of June 1836"-- ---------- Nancy Jackson had earlier asked me if Samuel had a will. I found a note in my fil es that he did. He wrote it and dated it 14 October 1817. I didn't get to the courthouse toda y so I don't know the date of probate and I don't have record in my files of those whom he me ntioned in the will. Samuel, according to his tombstone which Daril and I found in the old St alnaker burying ground on Samuel's former land (now owned by C.D. Cole), Samuel died in Octob er 1834. (No day is given.) I suspect that these three deeds together with the on from Deed B ook B which was executed on October 4 happened because Samuel was dying. I also suspect, bu t cannot yet prove, that the "Delvd" notation on each of the last three signified the end o f the probate of Samuel's will. This is all conjecture.

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