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This page will have a copy of our latest organization newsletter. We will update the page each month.


Me and my son(brandon). He has worked so hard on this trail.

We are finished with the  new trail call the "Black Bear Trail". The trail is 1.5 miles long and single track all the way and alot of fun.  The trail is part of the new loop that will connect all of the trails in the park so that no hardtop riding will be needed.
The Topo map is now completed and in the Kios at the Ranger Station that has all of the trails and the difficulty rating of all the trail.
The Blackbear trail is now completed. Its 1.5 miles long and starts at the lake shore and goes around the top of the pond and connects to the Wildcat and Wilderness trail. Moderate difficulty
The Rattlesnake trail is now completed. Its almost 2 miles long and starts at the horse stables and connects to the woodpecker trail. Moderate difficulty.
The Wildcat trail is now completd. Its 2 miles long and starts at the wildlife exhibit just off of the Black Bear trail and connects to the Guyandotte Trail. Moderate difficulty.