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Welcome to Bill's Movie List. This List is Pretty accurate as to movies that aired on CDF. Enjoy


Atom Age Vampire {1}
Attack From Space {2}
Attack of the Giant Leeches {10}
Attack of the Monsters (aka Gamera vs. Guiron) {8}
Attack of the Mushroom People {8}
Attack of the Puppet People {9}
Battle Beyond the Sun {7}
Beast With a Million Eyes {6}
Black Friday {1}
Blood of Dracula {6}
Blood of the Vampire {2}
Bride of Frankenstein {2}
Burn, Witch, Burn! {1}
Calling Dr. Death {1}
Cat People (1942) {1}
Creation of the Humanoids {3}
Creature From Black Lake {2}
Creature From the Black Lagoon {4}
Creature of Destruction {6}
Cult of the Cobra {2}
Curse of the Faceless Man {4}
Curse of the Swamp Creature {1}
Curse of the Undead {1}
Curucu, Beast of the Amazon {2}
Dagora, The Space Monster (aka Space Monster Dogora) {10}
Day The World Ended {5}
Dead Man's Eyes {1}
Destroy All Monsters {12}
Destroy All Planets (aka Gamera vs. Viras) {9}
Die, Monster, Die! {6}
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark {2}
Donovan's Brain {5}
Dracula (1931) {2}
Dracula Has Risen From the Grave {3}
Dracula Prince of Darkness {4}
Dracula vs. Frankenstein {6}
Dracula's Daughter {2}
Evil Brain From Outer Space {3}
Face of Marble {4}
First Man Into Space {2}
Frankenstein (1931) {2}
Frankenstein Conqueres the World {8}Frankenstein Created Woman {1}
Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster {3}
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man {3}
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed {2}
Frankenstein's Bloody Terror {4}
Gamera vs. Monster X (aka Gamera vs. Jiger) {8}
Gargoyles {5}
Godzilla King of the Monsters {6}
Godzilla on Monster Island {4}
Godzilla vs. Megalon {4}
Godzilla vs. The Cosmic Monster (aka Godzilla vs. the Bionic Monster, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla) {2}
Godzilla vs. The Thing (aka Godzilla vs. Mothra) {4}
Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster {9}
Godzilla's Revenge {5}
Gog {4}
Horror House {1}
Horror Island {2}
House of Dracula {3}
House of Fear (1939) {1}
House of Frankenstein {2}
House of Horrors {1}
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein {8}
I Was a Teenage Werewolf {8}
Invasion of the Neptune Men {2}
Invasion of the Saucer Men {5}
Invisible Agent {1}
Invisible Invaders {3}
Isle of the Dead {1}
It Came From Outer Space {2}
It Conquered The World {7}
Journey to the Seventh Planet {9}
King Kong Escapes {6}
King Kong vs. Godzilla {4}
King of the Zombies {6
Konga {5}
Magic Serpent {2}
Majin, Monster of Terror (aka Daimajin) {10}
Man Made Monster (aka Atomic Monster) {2}
Man-Eater of Hydra (aka Island of the Doomed) {6}
Mark of the Vampire (1957) {1}
Monster From a Prehistoric Planet (aka Gappa The Triphibian Monster) {3}
Monster Zero (aka Godzilla vs. Monster Zero) {6}
Monster on the Campus {2}
Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971) {1}Mystery of the Wax Museum {1}
Night Key {1}
Night Monster {1}
Night of the Blood Beast {7}
Night of the Blood Monster (aka The Bloody Judge) {5}
Planet of Blood (aka Queen of Blood) {7}
Planet on the Prowl (aka War Between the Planets) {2}
Planets Against Us {1}
Red Planet Mars {5}
Reptilicus {9}
Return of Giant Majin (aka Return of Daimajin) {9}
Return to Boggy Creek {1}
Revenge of the Creature {1}
Revenge of the Zombies (1943) {6}
Rodan {9}
Scars of Dracula {2}
She-Wolf of London {1}
Slaughter of the Vampires {2}
Tarantula {5}
Teenage Caveman {4}
Terror Beneath the Sea {2}
Terror From the Year 5,000 {7}
Terror in the Crypt {5}
Terror in the Wax Museum {1}
Terror of Mechagodzilla {3}



The Amazing Colossal Man {11}
The Angry Red Planet {10}
The Ape {4}
The Astounding She Monster {11}
The Beast With Five Fingers {3}
The Black Castle {1}
The Black Cat (1934) {1}
The Black Cat (1941) {1}
The Brain Eaters {6}
The Brain That Wouldn't Die {6}
The Cat Creeps (1946) {2}
The Colossus of New York {2}
The Conqueror Worm {1}
The Creature Walks Among Us {2}
The Crime of Dr. Hallet {1}
The Crosby Case {1}
The Curse of Dracula (aka The Return of Dracula) {4}
The Curse of Frankenstein {2}
The Day The Earth Froze {3}
The Deadly Bees {3}
The Deadly Mantis {4}
The Demon Planet (aka Planet of the Vampires) {7}
The Evill of Frankenstein {1}
The Flame Barrier {1}
The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake {4}The Frozen Ghost {1}
The Ghost of Frankenstein {2}
The Headless Ghost {7}
The Horror of Frankenstein {2}
The Horror of Party Beach {2}
The Incredible Shrinking Man {5}
The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant {1}
The Invisible Man Returns {2}
The Invisible Man {2}
The Invisible Man's Revenge {1}
The Invisible Ray {2}
The Invisible Woman {1}
The Killer Shrews {6}
The Leech Woman {2}
The Legend of Boggy Creek {1}
The Lost Continent (1968) {1}
The Mad Doctor of Market Street {1}
The Mad Ghoul {1}
The Magnetic Monster {6}
The Man From Planet X {5}
The Man Who Cried Wolf {1}
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head {1}
The Manster {5}
The Masque of the Red Death {1}
The Million Eyes of Su-Muru {1}
The Mole People {1}
The Monolith Monsters {2}
The Monster That Challenged the World {4}
The Mummy (1959) {3}
The Mummy's Curse {2}
The Mummy's Ghost {2}
The Mummy's Hand {2}
The Mummy's Tomb {1}
The Phantom Planet {7}
The Pit and the Pendulum {1}
The Raven {1}
The Return of the Giant Monsters (aka Gamera vs Gaos) {7}
The Savage Bees {1}
The Screaming Skull {3}
The She Creature {9}
The Spider (aka Earth vs. the Spider) {7}
The Spider Woman Strikes Back {1}
The Terror {7}
The Thing That Couldn't Die {3}
The Time Travelers {6}
The Undead (1957) {4}
The Werewolf of London {1}
The Wolf Man {3}
The X From Outer Space {3}
To Love a Vampre (aka Lust for a Vampire) {1}
Tomb of Ligeia {1}
Track of the Moon Beast {3}
Trog {3}
Valley of Gwangi {3}
Voyage into Space {8}
Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet {1}
Voyage to the Planet of the Prehistoric Women {1}
War Gods of the Deep {2}
War of The Colossal Beast {9}
War of the Gargantuas {5}
War of the Monsters (aka Gamera vs. Barugon) {8}
Warning From Space {6}
X The Man With The X-Ray Eyes {4}
Year 2889 (aka In the Year 2889) {4}
Yog - Monster From Space (aka Space Amoeba) {10}
Yongary, Monster of the Deep {9}
Zontar The Thing From Venus {7}

Let me know if you know of something not on the list.
Need confirmation on:
House of Wax
Tales of Terror
The Fly
The Return of The Fly
Forbidden Planet (?)
This Island Earth
War of the Worlds

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