Feb 19, 2019

iankeithhafner Another new song from the upcoming Jaguar Blaze E.P. called "Before Tomorrow Comes" is available to stream now! Click Here to go to our Media page and listen now!

Feb 8, 2019

iankeithhafner Check out the new song, "Let the Night Fall" from the upcoming Jaguar Blaze e.p.! Click Here to go to our Media page and listen now!

Jan 25, 2017

iankeithhafner Jaguar Blaze "End of the Line" CDs are back in stock! Click Here to order yours now!

Jan 24, 2017

iankeithhafner New video blog posted! Ian talks about the Ann Arbor Monster Record Show!

Nov 18, 2016

iankeithhafner Lots of past videos added to the Blog section!

July 7, 2016

iankeithhafner New video blog posted! Ian talks about the new album, "End of the Line," and Jaguar Blaze rehearsals.

July 1, 2016

iankeithhafner The new album, "End of the Line" is now available! Click Here to go to the media page and listen now!

October 1, 2015

iankeithhafner You can now listen to three songs from the new CD, "Ready to Fly," online! Click Here to go to the media page and listen now!

September 18, 2015

iankeithhafner Recording, mixing and mastering are finished! Artwork is almost done, too...should be off for duplication in a couple of days!

July 7, 2015

iankeithhafner Recording is finished! A week of mixing and mastering, and the new album will be done...

May 30, 2015

iankeithhafner Check out the new video blog, featuring my old Hollywood Fugitives bandmate, Tod!

January 26, 2015

iankeithhafner Had an awesome time at the Ann Arbor Record Show yesterday. Picked up some KISS vinyl!

January 21, 2015

iankeithhafner Anyone else hoping for a new Queen album this year?

March 16, 2014

iankeithhafner Tracking rhythm guitars and bass tonight...

February 9, 2014

iankeithhafner Check out this review of "Leave it Behind"...the writer calls it "Sunset Strip style of hard rock not unlike Junkyard, Kix, Hanoi Rocks and Main Line Riders"


November 28,  2013

iankeithhafner The new album, "Leave It Behind," is available now! Click Here to listen to samples online, or Click Here to order now!

November 23,  2013

iankeithhafner The new album is finished and off for duplication, and will be available for order December 3rd!

November 20,  2013

iankeithhafner Who's ready for the new album? Mixing and mastering are done! Just a few details to finish up...

October 21,  2013

iankeithhafner Sitting down to work on mixes for the new album with Skynyrd's "I Need You" stuck in my head...

October 15,  2013

iankeithhafner New video blog posted!

September 5,  2013

iankeithhafner Mixing for the new album starts Monday!

September 24,  2013

iankeithhafner Jaguar Blaze hit #18 in the Reverbnation Charts for Ann Arbor Metal Bands today! A great big "Thank You" to everyone who has listened online!

March 21,  2013

iankeithhafner Getting so close! Finishing up vocals tomorrow night, then on to mixing and mastering...

March 14,  2013

iankeithhafner You can still get Jaguar Blaze "Wild 'N' Free" CD's for just $5.99 this week! Click Here to go to the store now!

March 13, 2013

iankeithhafner Finishing up some last minute lyrics tonight...

March 10, 2013

iankeithhafner Was honored to get an email from one of my heroes, the great Brian May of Queen today. I'd written into his website to ask him about a guitar technique, and he took the time to write back. My email and his response were also posted on his website in the letters section...you can see it here: http://www.brianmay.com/brian/letters/lettersmar13.html#05

February 11,  201

3iankeithhafner Having an awesome time recording! New album is getting closer...

February 10,  2013

iankeithhafner Valentine's Day Sale! Jaguar Blaze "Wild 'N' Free" CD's are just $5.99! Click Here to go to the store now!

February 2,  2013

iankeithhafner Tracking vocals tonight...

January 7,  2013

iankeithhafner All guitars, bass & drums for the new Jaguar Blaze album are done! Now it's just vocals, mix, and mastering...

December 7,  2012

iankeithhafner I've learned a lot from listening to Paul Stanley's guitar solos. He does the first part of the solo in "I Stole Your Love" and "I Want You," the entire solo in "Sure Know Something" and "Shandi," and other lead parts here and there. His note choice is perfect, and his leads seem like a song within a song. 

October 29,  2012

iankeithhafner Recording tonight. My favorite part is always tracking the rhythm guitars, cause you can hear the songs really start to take shape.

October 16,  2012

iankeithhafner I had the honor of adding a few guitar parts to the new Liberty N Justice song "Under Construction," which also features features Eric Dover (Slash's Snakepit), Mark Kendall (Great White), and Eric Ragno (LNJ). Was an blast to play on a track with guys who I grew up listening to...check it out at www.libertynjustice.net

October 1,  2012

iankeithhafner Great new review of the Jaguar Blaze CD just posted at Angelic Warlord. Check it out at http://www.angelicwarlord.com/reviews/j/jaguarblaze12.html

September 28, 2012

iankeithhafner Dig it: Jaguar Blaze BBQ Sauce! That's right! Master C's BBQ is making a special, extra-HOT BBQ Sauce in honor of Jaguar Blaze, called "Whiskey Swice: Blazin' Jaguar!"

September 20, 2012

iankeithhafner Back to work in the studio, working on new Jaguar Blaze songs...

September 19, 2012

iankeithhafner That's why we're different...people don't get it, but we know something they don't. And rock'n'roll is what brings us together...

September 18, 2012

iankeithhafner Remember when rock'n'roll didn't care?

September 17, 2012

iankeithhafner Man...the way it feels when you've been recording for hours, and you're totally focused, but it's not hard at all...it just flows...

September 17, 2012

iankeithhafner What's everyone's favorite Tesla song? Hard to choose, for me, but right now I'd say Lady Luck...

September 16, 2012

iankeithhafner Thinkin' about a new tattoo...

September 16, 2012

iankeithhafner Hard to believe it's been almost a year since I finished the Jaguar Blaze CD!

September 16, 2012

iankeithhafner After all these years, I still never get tired of Tesla!