About  Me

    I am John Nozum, a computer engineering graduate from West Virginia University.  My interests include computers, music, medical, woodworking, electrical, and electronics.  Although I am a "Disciple of Christ", but formerly Roman Catholic, I do not pick fights or arguments with other Christians or even Jews, for we all have one and the same Father in Heaven.

    As for my history, I was born in Bellaire, Ohio and raised in Moundsville, West Virginia.  I went to Limestone Elementary School, which is in Limestone, WV.  Later, I went to Sherrard Junior High, which is in Sherrard.  Later, I went to John Marshall High School in Glen Dale, and then graduated there on May 28, 1986.  Thanks to a potful of birth defects, I wasn't able to go to college or work for several years.  In 1990, I went to Belmont Technical College in St. Clairsville, OH, and then graduated there in March 1992 with an A.A.S. in medical assisting.  Due to a very poor job market in medical assisting, I went back to college to be a practical nurse.  After that, it was one woe after another.  In 1996, I started going to WVU (West Virginia University), and then graduated in May of 2003 with a B.S. in computer engineering.

    Speaking of birth defects, I was born with Goldenhar's Syndrome, which caused facial deformities and problems with vision, hearing, and speech.  After tons of horse crap, I later became a chronic stutterer, which lasted from 1978 to 1996.  Thanks to my numerous facial defects, I was faced with at least about 35-40 surgeries!  In other words, I couldn't keep my rear end out of the O.R. (operating room)!

    As for my musical background, please go back to the main menu and select "MIDI Delight" and then select "About the Author."

    Most importantly, though, God blessed me with a decent mind, which houses much creativity and the ability to invent.  Doing this web site is one way to share the good stuff in my mind.

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