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If you want to send SPAM, marketing stuff,
or stuff of this nature, CLICK HERE.  If you
send this to my other address, I will get your IP
address and time of sent mail, and you will be
reported to authorities and hopefully you'll go
to JAIL and have NO computer!

If you are a legitimate user that wants to
contact me, CLICK HERE.


Users of AOL, Compuserve, WV Connect and other servers
enslaved by AOL are STRONGLY urged to provide an alternate
and NON-AOL email address in the body.  Failure to provide
an alternate and non-AOL address may result in my INABILITY
to respond to you, even if you are in dire need!  It is beyond
my control!!!  This has happened to me on August the 18, 2006,
and I was UNABLE to help a legitimate person with her research!
Yes, she is an AOL user!

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