John's Hell Keep

Condemned to HELL by John Nozum

Mrs. Aids
Mr. Allergy
Mrs. Arthritis
Mr. Alzheimers
Mr. Bronchitis
Miss Cancer
Mr. Cold
Mr. Cough
Mr. Cramps
Mr. Depression
Mr. Diabetes
Mr. Ebola
Mrs. Eczema
Mrs. Emphysema
Mrs. Fibromyalgia
Mr. Goldenhar
Miss Gout
Mrs. Hepatitis
Mr. Hives
Mr. Infection
Mrs. Influenza
Mr. Itch
Mrs. Leukemia
Mrs. Lou Gehrig
Miss Measles
Mrs. Mumps
Mr. Pleurisy
Mr. Psoriasis
Mrs. Rash
Mrs. Schizophrenia
Mr. Scoliosis
Mrs. Silicosis
Mrs. Shingles
Mrs. Sciatica
Mr. Sinusitis
Mrs. Strep
Mr. Tetanus
Mrs. Tinea Pedis
Mrs. Tinnitus
Mr. Tuberculosis
Mr. Typhoid
Mr. Ulcer
Miss. Varicella
Miss. Whoop

Note:  I don't want any people to burn in Hell.  As for diseases
named after people who had them, it is NOT the person that I
want in Hell, but the disease itself.  I apologize to any people
who's name seems to be "listed" above.  Again, it is the
    DISEASE itself that I want to burn forever and ever!
Example names include Alzheimer, Lou Gehrig, Goldenhar,
and Huntington.  May our Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy
on the people themselves and bring them into Heaven, if
not already.


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