Noziam Jokes

A Collection of Noziam Jokes

Some of this stuff is so darn funny that you might laugh
yourself off your chair!  They contain genuine Noziam content.

ALSO:  Some people may find some of the jokes to be
gross and/or offensive.  View at your own risk.

No more hot weather after September

Q.    Have you ever noticed that many parts of the US do not see 90 degree weather in October?  Have you ever wondered why?

A.    It's because you have all the spooks (Halloween) going around the scaring Jack Roast (the hot weather) away for the year!

When it comes to stink (1)

    When it comes to stink, there's Noziam crap, and then there's Jeopardy (on TV)!

When it comes to stink (2)

Q.    What stinks worse than Noziam crap, but doesn't smell?

A.    Jeopardy (on TV)!

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