No Suicides

A no-suicides sign depicted by
          a drawing of a head with a plastic bag over it, and a red
          circle and slash over it

WARNING:  The following information is NOT a guarantee
that a suicide will be prevented, but should be a great help.  I will
NOT be held liable for any suicides and/or other harm that may
manage to occur.

    In today's hectic and cold society, it is not hard to want to kill yourself all nice and dead.  Sometimes, it seems as if there is no other "way out".  Many Christians, including many Catholics, believe that suicide is a "mortal sin" or a "one way ticket to Hell".  Unlike other serious sins, there is no time to repent.  Many times, I have also thought of the idea of getting myself into a "predicament" to where I could not escape, and then try to "repent" for this sin before losing consciousness.

    However, there ARE some ways out.  Many, if not most, people with suicidal thoughts and desires suffer from depression.  This depression may be "clinical" (meaning due to a chemical imbalance and/or electrical anomaly) and/or situational.  It may be chronic.  If it is a chemical imbalance and/or an electrical problem, then professional help is necessary.  If it is a chemical imbalance, one or more antidepressant drugs should be ordered.  If it is an electrical problem in the brain, then one or more electro-shock treatments may be necessary, and/or a special pace maker like device may be implanted (new technology).  Counseling can be beneficial for ALL types of depression and should be attempted, especially as a first resort treatment.  Situational depression, however, is much more difficult to "treat" due to the fact that the culprit(s) are external.  Here, drugs are often of very little value, if any.  Counseling MIGHT be beneficial for situational depression, particularly if possible solutions are being overlooked.  Prayer can be beneficial for all types of depression.  Often times, depression can be so stubborn and/or severe that a multi-disciplinary approach is often necessary (counseling AND drug(s) AND more).  Some people commit suicide over short-term problems, such as the loss of a girl friend or something.  While dope and booze may seem to be ways out, they themselves often open up a can of worms and can make you MORE likely to commit suicide.  Sometimes, suicides are cult-related.  As for the sinfulness of suicide, below are a number of scripture passages:

1 Corinthians 3:16-17
Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you?   If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him; for God's temple is sacred, and you are that temple.
The other one is the commandment "Thou shalt not kill."

    Many, if not most, of you reading this have experienced very hot and possibly humid days.  You probably know how miserable this is, particularly when you don't have air-conditioning.  If you go to Hell, this "oppressive" heat will seem like air-conditioning!!!  As for me, my #1 deterrent to suicide has been knowing that I would be very likely to be thrown into Hell--and FOREVER!

    As for types of depression, here are some very simple tests that you can try to see what type(s) of depression you may have.  Here is how it works:

If external circumstances are normal or good, but you still feel depressed, particularly long-term, then you probably have a chemical and/or electrical problem.  This usually needs professional help.

If your depression improves SOMEWHAT, even when external conditions improve, then most likely you have a "mixed pot" (BOTH clinical AND situational depression).  Here, professional care may help with the clinical portion of it.  This category is probably most likely to require a multi-disciplinary approach.

If your depression improves dramatically after external conditions improve, then it is clearly situational.  Here, drugs are often very little benefit, if any.  Counseling MIGHT help.  For this type of depression, being around good friends and/or receiving therapeutic touch is likely to work wonders for you.

    As I mentioned above, situational depression is very hard to treat, and this is what I have.  Yes, I have gone down the "professional" gamut, but had only marginal success at best.  For me, having nice company at my house and/or at least being around nice friends does wonders for me.  I suffer from loneliness so severe at times that I often feel as if I am running around without love!  I also suffer from a severe lack of good human touch.  Here, mechanical devices, such as vibrators and massage chairs just don't cut the mustard.  Things that help me substantially include massage therapy and reiki, particularly when they're done out of Christian love.  For situational depression, "professional help" may be counter-productive, particularly when they have you hopped up on all kinds of drugs and possibly in restraints, too.  A few years ago, I was privileged to talk to someone that was "on the other side of the wall" (in the "nut-house"), and all my fears were justified!   They made a zombie out of him, and he told me that the staff was "distant" from him.  Many, if not most, of these places would rather have you on drugs and possibly in restraints than to show any kind of compassion or love, such as through caring touch.

    Speaking of good touch, it has become taboo in much of today's screwed up society, largely due to sexual abuse lawsuits and such.  It is no wonder why we see so many rampant addictions and violence nowadays!  Many people are running around without love!  Moreover, things are so distorted nowadays, where it seems that it is either sex or no touch at all.  I know that Jesus Christ is opposed to this, particularly when He laid hands on many people that He healed.  Now we are seeing problems where people get sexually aroused over even the slightest touch, but this is due to a SEVERE deprivation of touch!!!  This results in a vicious circle, which the devil loves to keep going.  Below is a scriptural passage that foretold a lot of this:

Matthew 24:12
"Due to the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold."
I am seeing this RIGHT NOW!!!  Often times, I wonder how much worse are things going to get before God comes to rescue us!

    The main reason why I wrote this page was to get the word out about other methods of dealing with suicidal thoughts and desires, particularly for situational depression.  It has to do with massage therapy and reiki / therapeutic touch.  If loneliness is present, this must also be addressed.  Counseling MIGHT be helpful here, particularly if there are behavior(s) that may be perpetuating the problem.  As for massage therapy, here it is best NOT to go to a "professional", but to have it done by a friend or loving relative.  Many so-called "professionals" or "licensed massage therapists" are missing a critical component that is often present in a good prayer group friend or something.  Here, deep tissue massage and such may not be the answer, but a series of "stationary holds" might be just the "ticket".  Reiki, particularly hands-on, can be particularly effective.  However, NONE of these "hands-on" techniques are worth a plug nickel to a person that is opposed to touch.  People who suffer from situational depression AND are opposed touch are particularly difficult to treat.  In such individuals, the best options here are counseling and prayer.

    In any case, a person who feels suicidal should NOT be left alone!!!  If so, they may have an opportunity to carry out their plans.  For short-term problems, such as breakups, there are suicide hot-lines that a person can call.  Calling a close friend or relative may do the trick here.  If you are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, you should check yourself into a professional facility.

    Here is a PARTICULARLY bad situation that I have been faced with repeatedly, and I hope FOR GOD'S SAKE, you're not faced with this!!!  This is where a person suffers from chronic loneliness AND lack of touch AND lack of love, and he or she CAN'T get with a friend or understanding relative.  Often times, people are so busy, busy, sick, busy, sick, busy, busy, sick, busy, on and on and on.  Here, "professional" help is likely to be counter-productive, particularly if the depression is purely situational.

    Now, I will get down to the "meat" of some good solutions, particularly if the depression is situational and you are comfortable with touch.  I have found that Christian massage therapy (given out of Christian love for a person) and reiki / therapeutic touch does wonders for me and really helps to put a lid on suicidal thoughts / desires--in a hurry.  Here is how to administer the treatment.  It should be administered out of Christian love and with compassion.

    1.  The person should ideally be setting down on a chair, such as a kitchen
          chair.  Recliners and other large chairs are awkward for this treatment.

    2.   Place one hand on the mid to upper back.  Place your other hand on the
          person's chest, roughly at the same height as the hand that is on the person's
          back.  For women, do not place your hand over her breasts, but ABOVE
          them.  Only light to medium pressure should be used.

    3.   This should be maintained for ideally 3-5 minutes.  The recipient can still
          talk.  Optionally, you may move upward or downward on the chest and
          back after 2-5 minutes, and go another 2-5 minutes.  Again, the height
          of both hands should be roughly equal.  You can also pray to the Lord
          for this person during at least a portion of this time.  In fact, this can make
          the treatment more effective and possibly make the benefits last longer.

    Yes, there is some rationale behind this.  It is known that stress can accumulate in the chest region.  When doing this out of Christian love for a person, you are essentially performing "reiki" on the person.  While "proper initiation and certification" opens up more healing power, it is proven that you can still give some benefit.  Unlike massage therapy, particularly deep massage, you can NOT harm the person.  Again, this treatment may be counterproductive if the person is uncomfortable with touch.  Another reason that this works is due to the fact that some depression is SOLELY situational, NOT due to a chemical imbalance.  Yes, a person CAN be starved for touch.  I am one of them!  Please note that in mixed depression, drug(s) and possibly electro-shock treatments may also be necessary.  In all three types, I found that counseling should at least be attempted.  I am even advocating counseling with therapeutic touch, such as laying a kind hand on the recipient's arm or shoulder.

    Some off-shoots from my above treatment also include the following:

    - Put one hand on the person's forehead, and the other hand on the back of the person's head, again roughly at the same height.

    If the person is lying down, here are some other variations and more:  If he or she is in the supine position (lying on the back), you can place both of your hands over the person's chest, just on each side of the center.  Be careful not to put too much pressure here, for it can impede the person's breathing.  On a woman, you can work above and below the breasts, but not directly over them.  Another interesting twist here is to put one hand on the center of the person's chest and one hand on the person's forehead.  I tried this on a few people.

    If the person is lying on his stomach (prone position), you can place both of your hands on the person's back, about equal "level" and just on each side of the center.  After 2-5 minutes, you can move up or down on the person's back, and work there for another 2-5 minutes.  Again, since sustained touch is used, be careful not to put much pressure, as it would impede the person's breathing.

    Of course, if the person would like to have a sheet or blanket over him during this treatment, particularly when lying down, please go ahead and cover him or her.

    Below are some pictures of this:

Picture of reiki on the
          back, while the person is lying on his stomach
Hands over the person's back

Picture of reiki on the
          chest, while the person is lying on his back
Hands over the person's chest

Picture of reik on the back and
          chest of a person sitting in a chair
Reiki using sitting position

    WARNING:  If the person is very negative and PARTICULARLY if he or she RADIATES a lot of negativity, you need to do the following after the completion of the treatment, preferably within an hour or two:

    1.  Approach the Lord in prayer.
    2.   Position your hands as if you are holding something.  Here you will
          be "holding" the negativity that has probably gone into you.
    3.   Raise these hands as if you are offering this up to God.  A good
          prayer to say here might be "Father, in the name of your son, Jesus,
          I offer up all this negativity for you to take away.  Please take this
          away from me, Lord.  Amen!".
    4.   After the completion of the above, go ahead and let your hands
          down, for the Lord has taken this up.  Now you can proceed by
          saying something like "Glory be to you, Lord, forever and ever!

    A friend of mine had an EXCELLENT analogy here.  He was comparing reiki to an electrical circuit, where God is the power source, the "therapist" or "practitioner" as the conductor, and the recipient as the "load".  Here, you are allowing yourself to be used as a conductor of God's healing energy and love.  While technically God can heal a person without your help, it is much like current having to travel through air, no help of wires and such.  Here, you are acting as this "wire".  Yes, when I do reiki on people, I can actually sense the love of God conducting through me!  Just as in an electrical circuit, current must return to the source.  Here, the negativity is offered up to God for Him to dispose of or whatever.

    Also, be aware that the above treatment may be particularly effective for people who suffer from loneliness, which in severe forms, can cause a person to feel little or no sense of love and/or belonging.

    As for repeat treatments, you can't overdo this.  The body is much like a capacitor; When you reach "full charge", you will not charge any further.  In severe cases, it wouldn't hurt to perform this treatment once or twice a day.  In "medium" cases, 1-2 treatments a week should be sufficient.  Please be aware that there are cases where a person CAN'T help himself or herself in spite of his or her best efforts.  In cases where a person seems to be flooded with lots of horrible events, don't rule out the possibility of satanic attacks.  There are some people that are so "drained" due to chronic stress that they are like a person in the advanced stages of starvation; They were too weak to even feed themselves!

    If you are the one RECEIVING the treatment above, here are a few tips that will make it more effective and possibly provide longer lasting benefit.

    1.   If you feel sleepy during the treatment, do NOT try to fight it.
          Go ahead and allow yourself to fall asleep, particularly if you
          are lying down.
    2.   During the treatment, you should just "let go" of what has
          been bothering you, and leading you closer to suicide.
    3.   Go ahead and ENJOY that nice touch--It's GOOD for you!
    4.   Go ahead and breathe normally.  If too much pressure is
          applied, and you are having difficulty, kindly speak up.
    5.   You may wish to pray during part of this treatment and/or
          shortly afterwards.

    Please note that I am NOT the inventor of reiki.  However, using some of the techniques, I have "invented" a cocktail, using existing stuff, to treat a problem that historically has not been used for treating people with a suicidal tendency or desire.

    Finally, I need to touch a bit on "tough love".  In some cases it may be necessary, particularly if they person is ABLE, but not WILLING to help himself or herself.  Please remember that some people are just so plagued with ongoing bad luck and things just don't work out, no matter how hard they try.  Administering "tough love" here may CAUSE a suicide!!!  About 2-3 people tried that on me, and it is a wonder that I'm still living!  Even years later, I am NOT thankful, but still bear traumatic memories.  If you do elect to use "tough love" on a person, USE EXTREME CAUTION!!!

    May God rescue us all--in the name of Jesus!

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