The Master Storytellers

Curator's Office
This appears to be a curator's office but the curator is nowhere in sight. An elegant desk sits in the middle of the large room, surrounded by plush leather chairs. A tapestry hangs on the west wall. In the north wall are several glowing portals, with a plaque mounted above each one.

The tapestry depicts scenes of people heroically attempting to save what appears to be small grey boxes with stripes on them, fleeing from an expanding black void. The bottom of the tapestry reads, "Preserving all things Infocom".


The Unofficial Infocom Home Page: the best place to find information on Infocom

The Infocom Documentation Project: "InfoDoc Project" for short. Recreations of Infocom's game manuals and their newsletters: The New Zork Times, * * * *, and The Status Line.

 At the Infocom Gallery, you can see pictures of various Infocom game manuals, product catalogs, and more. Not complete, but a good companion to the InfoDoc Project. This site, along with the Unofficial Infocom Home Page, is where Activision directs you to look for manuals for The Masterpieces of Infocom.

"Zork: The Caverns of Doom", one of Infocom's "What-Do-I-Do-Now?" books:
web version - PDF version

The text files in the "VeryLost" directory on the Masterpieces of Infocom CD have been transcribed into a PDF file for your enjoyment.

A quick look around shows that you can go South to see the Reference websites, East to read some articles about Infocom, or Southeast to the Round Room.

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