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Roger's Library
You have entered a small library. A solitary book rests in a bookcase, covered with a light layer of dust.
After blowing the dust off of the book, you open it to the Foreword. The Foreword informs you that these are articles that Roger Long has written about Infocom, some of them for the club newsletter he used to edit. After stifling a yawn, you flip the page to the Table of Contents.


Articles I've Written

Allegiances Lost

A fan's perspective on "The Lost Treasures of Infocom"
An update to that article
A further update: The Infocom Documenation Project

This is your life, Roger Long

Usenet post: When Spam and Infocom collide

What ever happened to Infocom's newsletter?
It's now Escape, um, ZQ.
Well, we cancelled the newsletter.

Other Stuff:
My collection of Infocom items
Download the Belwe LT font in TrueType format used in these articles and on this page.
(Without it, the pages will just use Times New Roman.)

A quick look around shows that you can go West to the Curator's Office, East to see life after Infocom, or South to the Round Room.

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