This is the result of having to fill in one too many of those feedback forms on BBSes,
especially when the BBSes keep crashing

(article date: 1995)


    As you realize that you've done this many times before, you come to the conclusion that you really should have a pre-made file that you can simply upload to alleviate yourself of the need to re-describe who you are. As you have had this thought before, and yet have never acted upon it, you are sitting there, having to come up with something new and unique to type in. You think you have found it.

    You are an adult male of 27 years of age. Receiving the triple-notice of driver's license renewal, truck license tabs renewal, and insurance premium all within the same week, you are convinced that your "1001 Recipes for Tuna Fish" will become a best-seller in no time flat.

    When you are not calling BBSes, you write the newsletter for the Tri-Cities Commodore Computer Club, try to find out what's on the 500 video tapes that you've accumulated over the years, read Star Trek and humor/fantasy books, and collect and play Infocom and Electronic Arts games.

    You have recently started learning the C language, with the impossible hope that you can create a new variation on Blackjack that will become the rage of the nation. To that end, you are even planning on making a full- graphic version for the Commodore 64.

    One of your goals is to add an extra megabyte of memory to both your Amiga and to your Commodore 64, and possibly buy a High Density or Extended Density drive for the Commodore 64, but right now, you'd settle for a blackberry milkshake.

    Apparently, you are able to complete at least one of the tasks mentioned above, as this came from the pre-made "This is your life" text file that you have always needed.

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